There can be little doubt that glass can be a fragile and potentially dangerous material, which presents a significant chance of injury and secondary damage when broken.

Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that glass in risk critical locations must meet specified safety standards, and through the application of specialist safety window film from WF Glazing Protection, you can be certain to receive an efficient and highly effective solution.

How Does Safety Window Film Work?

Safety window film has been designed to substantially reduce the negative impact of broken glass. If untreated or standard glazing breaks, the shards can fall away from the frame creating an immediate and dangerous hazard. However the application of safety window film helps to hold the broken glass in place to prevent it from causing any further problems.

The application of safety film will upgrade glass to safety glass standards, thus ensuring that there will be no need to incur the additional expense of undertaking an expensive glazing replacement programme to ensure health and safety compliance is met.

Turning a Weakness into a Strength

With the 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films available from WF Glazing Protection, we will be able to help you turn your windows from one of your property’s weaknesses into one of its strengths.

By offering proven help against threats such as break-ins, and the increasing threat posed by extreme weather, 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films have been designed to help hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass during a breakage.

Because these films are designed to hold the glass together, they work to form a stronger barrier, absolutely perfect for slowing down and deterring any prospective criminals who may look to use your window as a method of gaining entry to your property.

Safety Upgrades

Safety film can be fitted internally or externally and once installed by WF Glazing Protection’s team of professional installers, your existing float glass will be upgraded to meet the necessary standard BS EN 12600, previously BS6206.

This specialist window film can also be combined with a variety of other benefits to provide increased functionality such as privacy and solar protection for your property.

For guidance, advice, information, samples and an installation quote, contact one of WF Glazing Protection’s trained team of staff by calling 0345 337 4751 today.