What Is Glass Manifestation?

Have you ever walked into glass because you’ve never noticed it before? Unfortunately, this is all too common and can cause serious damage and embarrassment.

As a result, if a business uses large blocks of glass especially as walls, partitions or doors, it is absolutely essential that they are manifested to prevent people from walking into them as well as prevent any other accidents from occurring.

What Is Glass Manifestation?

Window or glass manifestation is the process of etching or creating markings on large panes of glass in order to allow people to easily notice them and avoid walking into them.

There are many ways in which glass or window manifestation can be done and this includes acid etching, sandblasting, frosting the glass etc. Also, you don’t have to settle for random designs and you can easily use this as an opportunity to add some style and personality to the building.

What Are The Advantages?

The advantages of etched, cut, sandblasted, textured and other decorative glass patterns are clear: Privacy can be customised, light still pours from room to room, and even confined spaces can still feel fresh and open. Achieving these effects using glass surface used to be an expensive endeavour, but now it’s possible to keep to your budget with 3M Fasara™, 3M Crystal and 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes.

If you have a business, then you can easily have your company’s logo or brand frosted or etched unto the glass which is great for advertising and branding. This will make your business place stand out and attract more customers, which is great for your bottom line.

Another great benefit of doing glass manifestation is that it can improve the security and privacy of your business place. The manifested designs usually reduce how much light actually comes into the building which is great if you get a lot of glare in that area.

Be Creative!!

Besides etching your logo onto your windows and glass, you can have a lot of fun coming up with creative designs for your glass manifestation. The design could be simple or as intricate and detailed as you desire. Of course, intricate designs will attract more attention, so make sure to remember that before you decide on any one design.

Therefore, it is essential that you hire a good graphic designer to work with company that does glass manifestation if you are looking for a design that is unique and out of the ordinary. If you just want a simple design that does the job then a graphic designer will probably not be needed as most of these companies have lots of ready-made designs for you to choose from.

Making An Informed Decision

In closing, glass and window manifestation is simply a must-have that will not only protect people from walking into your glass but also add beauty and security to your business.

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a range of high-quality manifestation options. Please visit the dedicated section of our website via the following link – http://wfprotection.co.uk/manifestation.php or call us on Tel. No. 0845 337 4751 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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The Top 5 Reasons Your Home MUST Have Window Film

With so many different ways to enhance your home, the most difficult choice for many people is deciding which option to go with first! However, we believe (we are a little biased though!) that window film offers one of the most effective methods of improving your home without having to spend a fortune to do so.

With ever increasing costs from energy companies in the UK resulting in rising fuel bills, it is all too easy to find that your finances are being put under significant strain. Maximising the effectiveness of your heating system is essential if you would like to keep energy costs down during the cold winter months. Thankfully however, an effective option is now available.

Absolutely ideal for a variety of different uses, the installation of different varieties of window film can be used to improve privacy levels, reduce glare and even offer solar control properties. Best of all, this can all be done without sacrificing light levels or changing the aesthetics of your house too dramatically.

If you are still a little unsure, please check out the following 5 reasons that we believe everyone should have window film installed into their home.

Tired of Feeling The Heat?

No. 1 – It is a great alternative to curtains or blinds


Whilst the installation of curtains or blinds are still the ‘old school’ choice for many, they can result in the increased need for cleaning within your home along with making the room seem a little smaller.

However, the installation of window film can help to make a huge difference to your chosen rooms often resulting in them feeling both bigger and brighter.


No. 2 – It offers increased privacy without reducing the light coming in


Home privacy can be an issue for many people, especially during the dark winter nights where it can be all too easy for neighbours and passers-by to see into your home when the lights are on.

Thankfully the application of specialist privacy window film can significantly reduce the ability of people to see into your property whilst not reducing the amount of light being let into your home.


No. 3 – There are a variety of great designs out there


Are you a little tired of the way the exterior of your property looks? Although most window film is completely transparent, there is a great range of window film which is available in different colours and patterns designed to brighten the exterior of any building.


No. 4 – It offers an inexpensive method of updating your rooms


Not only does window film offer a highly effective way of enhancing a property, it also offers a highly affordable, along with quickly and easily installed, method of enhancing your property.


No. 5 – It can be used in any room


Because window film is tough and highly durable, it is also designed to be water resistant and as such can be used in any room, including bathrooms!

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A Christmas Story!

Could you imagine having an allergy to the sun? Having to sit in the house with the curtains closed all day.

No, neither could we, that’s why we jumped at the chance to change Peter’s life forever this Christmas.

While many people can be impacted by the sun’s glare or other solar related issues, we were recently involved in something just a little different when we helped to provide an effective solution for a gentleman whose life has been majorly impacted by a severe sun allergy.

The Background Story

“Peter has a sun allergy and has to have his curtains closed at all times. BBC Nottingham heard about it and, as Peter is an NCH tenant, got in touch with us to see if we could help.

A member of our staff put us in touch with their mate Dave, who fits UV protection film on windows and who, when he heard about Peter’s situation, offered to do the work for nothing, because he’s a lovely man, and it’s Christmas.

And today, the UV film was fitted! Here’s Peter, with Dave (in the Santa hat, which seems appropriate!) and Brian from WF Glazing Protection Ltd in the kitchen, with the curtains open for the first time in four years! And BBC Radio Nottingham were there to get Peter’s thoughts” – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07tx7vg (The feature begins at 2:06:40)

Sam Whitworth of Nottingham City Homes commented “Dave, you’re our Santa-hatted hero. Thank you so much.”

How Did We Do It?

We met with Peter at his home and gave him a sample of DermaGard Clear UV window film to take to his consultant who approved it for his condition.

While avoiding Ultra Violet exposure is obviously very difficult, with DermaGard installed, we could help ensure that Peter’s home is one less area to worry about.

A technically advanced, clear polyester coating which is applied to existing glass, DermaGard keeps out 99.8% of the UV light whilst allowing natural daylight and clear vision through the glass – making life as normal as possible for Peter’s whole family.  The film goes on working day in day out, and it’s scratch resistant coating ensures it is easily cleaned and needs no maintenance.

To listen to the feature please visit – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07tx7vg – (The feature begins at 2:06:40)

This was our opportunity to change a life this Christmas, what will be yours?

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6 Ways Your Office Surroundings Can Positively Impact Productivity

Whilst it is true that human behaviour can be tricky to predict, it is also true that through the introduction of a number of subtle techniques, it can be positively influenced.

By utilising tips that can help to increase organisational skills or boost morale and efficiency, subtle changes can result in significant improvements in many key areas of the workplace.

The working environment has the ability to influence the mood and disposition of your staff as well as helping to maximise their overall levels of productivity. The good news is that many of these methods can be introduced with the minimum of fuss and at very little expense.

Take a look below as we explore 6 ways your office can positively impact productivity.

No. 1 – Optimise Lighting Levels

The lighting at work is obviously very important to the health and safety of everyone using the workplace but did you know that the amount of bright light being let into an office has been shown to make people happier, reducing both anxiety and depression?

Optimising the lighting levels of your office can play a key role in helping to improve the well-being of your workforce, a key factor in maximising productivity.

No. 2 – Positive Re-Enforcement

Work can be a grind sometimes. Try and keep the mood a positive one by posting mission and vision statements around the office to help provide some additional focus. Make sure that customer reviews are readily accessible so that your staff can see the role that they have in creating a positive customer experience. It’s always important to ensure that the positive messages do not go unsaid, after all, everyone likes to read positive comments – particularly if the comments are about them!

No. 3 – Setting The Tone With Music

Listening to music at work can make you more productive, according to research. Obviously this does come with a couple of caveats.

  • Choosing the right genre of music to appeal to everyone, may prove to be a little tricky.
  • Music with very clear lyrics may prove to be a little more distracting than you would like.

A bit of experimentation should help you to find the right level to keep a smile on the face of your workforce and productivity levels high.

No. 4 – Regulating Your Office Temperature

Many studies have been conducted over the years to try and identify the “perfect” temperatures for a productive workplace environment, and the common consensus is that peak productivity can be achieved by creating a temperative around be around 71 degrees F.

Regulating the temperature within an office is now far more cost-effective than previously and through the application of solar control window film, a far more affordable solution can be found when compared to cranking the AC up during the summer and the heating turned up during the winter.

No. 5 – Introducing Plantlife

The addition of some office plants offers an easy way to add some colour of colour but did you know that studies have shown that they can increase your employees’ productivity?

A study reported by Wired UK recently indicated plants could lead to a boost of up to 15 percent. There are varying theories as to why plants work, including their appealing “natural” scenery and oxygenating effect; whatever the reason, plants are proven to increase well-being and productivity.

No. 6 – Glass & Wall Graphics

The application of glass graphics can significantly enhance the working environment in a variety of ways in one quick and easy go.

These include:

  • Adding A Dash Of Colour – Bring brand colours to life and affect the mood of the office in a positive way
  • Reduced Maintenance – If point 5 is one you would like to explore but you are worried about potential maintenance implications, why not create the appearance of plant life without the hassle of maintenance with glass graphics
  • Promoting A Positive Message – Keep staff engaged and appreciated by having the values and mission, testimonials

Why not try different graphics in different rooms to see how they affect your team’s responses and productivity? Check out the images below for some recent examples.

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Bringing Your Windows To Life

From solutions for glass facades and glass doors to partitions, 3M offers practical and ingenious solutions that make spaces come alive, extending from brand identity, promotion, advertising, privacy protection to solar control and anti-shatter protection.

3M glass graphics and finishes can bring your window to life or protect your privacy while keeping your spaces feeling open and bright.

Offering a Variety of Options

Glass means transparency, brightness, lightness, freshness and elegance. It can be used as a form of communication, it can be decorated. It is an essential element in building design. 3M™ decorative glass films are perfect for privacy and decorative applications on glass and windows. 3M glass finish products are high quality, durable and easy to install and remove.

Enhance any glazed area with a design and print process that delivers the most outstanding, high impact graphics onto optically clear polyester film.

Creating Distinctive Designs

WF Glazing Protection Ltd specialises in creating distinctive window graphic designs from text to logos to patterns using computer-aided cutting technology at a fraction of the cost of etched or sand-blasted glass.

The Graphic Film can then be professionally removed and replaced whenever you require a change.

With Digital Printing your design can be as bespoke and intricate as you need it to be – and in almost any colour!

The most common uses for our available range of window film graphics include:

  • Promotional Graphics – Your windows can be used to display any message or image you require. Whether its a simple set of lettering or a complex printed graphic, 3M has materials to suit every application.
  • Privacy Window Film – Making your glass windows look great is not the only benefit, they will also give your office and meeting rooms a good degree of privacy while still remaining light, bright and open.
  • Added Security – Flying glass from a broken window can have serious consequences. It is better to proactively put in place protective measures before a problem occurs. 3M™ Scotchshield™ Window Film keeps the broken glass shards and splinters together.

Get Your Privacy Window Film Today!

Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect privacy window film solution for you here at WF Glazing Protection Limited. Contact us today via telephone at 0345 337 4751 or the quick contact form to the right of your screen for a call back) to talk to a member of our team about the best options for you.

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