Dave Faulconbridge, one of the founders of WF Glazing Protection Ltd, recently took part in a podcast with the excellent team at Green Element to discuss our range of window film.

It is our aim to help offer our customers the freedom to use your offices and rooms all year round through their window film coatings. Having been in operation for 12 years as well as previous employees of 3M, they sure do have the required experience and are proud to be environmental friendly while at it. Positive environmental impact and carbon footprint is something they take seriously and it earned them the Green Award 4 years ago.

He shares with us how the business can help you reduce your electricity bill and why they only provide clients with high quality products.

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3 Key Things

  1. Don’t be scared to go the sustainable business route because it lets you step back from the business and look at what you do, and you can actually make the business more economical at the same time.
  2. Enjoy talking to your clients and communicating with them on how they can help reduce their own environmental impact.
  3. Let your mission become your way of being.

About WF Glazing Protection

WF Glazing Protection gives people the freedom to use their offices, rooms, buildings comfortably and safely all year round through our retrofit window film coatings to upgrade their existing glazing. At the moment with the way we’re working, we’re trying to be greener and more sustainable and it seems to be working very, very well for the business.

The product is a simple polyester film that is clear that we bond to existing windows – either on the inside or the outside – that can do several different things. Majority is where it helps clients to reduce environmental impact by reflecting heat from the sun or by helping to insulate existing windows.

What is your business superpower?

It would be liberating rooms. The windows and curtains that we install liberate rooms from overpowering heat in the summertime and from the clutches of Jack Frost in the winter.

How does WF Glazing Protection Ltd engage its suppliers and customers with your mission and purpose?

We engage by conversation, communication, and connection. It’s so important to us that we talk to our clients. We don’t just walk in there and tell them what we think they need. We like to take the time to visit our clients, understand about their building, understand about the issues they’re trying to solve and why it’s important to them. I feel that’s the only way we can provide the right solutions to their needs and get the correct films for them.

What has been your biggest struggle when it comes to running an ethical and sustainable business and how have you overcome it?

The biggest struggle is to not offer the cheapest products. At the end of the day, we’re running a business and it’s a concentrated marketplace; you need to win orders. The biggest struggle is not to offer the cheapest products especially during the recession. Knowing the industry like we do, we know the biggest suppliers, we know how to source cheap if we wanted to, and we also know that cheap window film doesn’t form well, doesn’t last as long and so you’re giving your clients a false economy.

In our conversations with clients, we like to show them the value of getting the specification correct, the value of a long-term approach rather than a short-term fix. But also it’s not just the product it’s the service.

If you could offer ONE piece of advice to our listeners, what would that be?

4 years ago, we started to look at where we wanted to take the business and I think if you try starting with reason; what is the reason I want to help myself, what is the reason I want to help the environment? When you’ve got that reason you can stitch them together into a sentence which creates your purpose and mission and that gives you the direction of where you want to take the business.

What is the biggest challenge and frustration when trying to reduce your carbon footprint?

Because WF Glazing Protection is a site-based business, we have to travel to people’s buildings and the biggest challenge in our environmental impact in carbon footprint is keeping our vehicles with few emission. We’re moving more and more into future of instant gratification where people want things immediately.

We find organizations place orders later and later so it can be a real challenge managing these expectations with what we want to do, which is smart work at the location to limit journey times, limit distance, limit emissions for the surveyors and the installers. We don’t want to be travelling halfway across the country at a day’s notice to install three windows it doesn’t make sense and it’s un-environmental.

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