How important is energy saving to you? The idea of energy saving, and even reducing our carbon footprint at the same time sounds great, however, it is only when people start to factor finances into the equation that energy saving takes on greater importance.

Whilst many people’s idea of saving energy could be limited to turning off the TV when they leave the room, a recent study which was commissioned by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) has stated that the installation of window film should now be taking on a high priority.

Commissioned Study

In a study commissioned by the IWFA, and conducted by ConSol, the energy saving effect of installing window film was compared to several traditional energy saving techniques, such as updating HVAC systems, adding energy_saving_solar_control_window_film_st_andrew_s_healthcare_northampton_phpouppbt_bigR-38 ceiling insulation, and air sealing and caulking.  The study took place in California and used the same variables the California Energy Commission uses in assessing energy savings.

Although the study indicates that the installation of window film on new homes and businesses does not offer the most attractive energy efficiency measure (this is often due to the fact that many windows in new buildings are already using high performance glazing), the story changes completely when discussing older homes and buildings.  In this area, the savings per cost of adding film to windows out performed all other energy saving measures.

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Reducing Commercial Energy Waste

Each time we use energy to heat or cool our buildings, we will incur costs to do so. Therefore finding a cost effective, alternative method of heating and cooling buildings should be a high priority for businesses throughout the UK.

Energy efficient solar window film doesn’t just deliver energy savings by reducing cooling costs in summer, but by insulating your windows and reflecting heat back into the building it reduces winter heating costs too.

By reflecting away unwanted solar energy, solar window film helps to achieve a more comfortable and constant temperature within the building resulting in a reduced reliance on air conditioning units and cooling systems during the summer.

  • Solar heat gain can add significantly to cooling costs in summer months
  • Older glazing is less efficient and allows heat to escape in winter months

Top Tier Technology

In 2011, the US Department of Energy (DOE) completed a study on the top 50 commercially available energy conservation technologies. These were ranked on payback, probability of success and overall energy savings. Window Films ranked as a ‘Top Tier Technology’ with fastest payback ranking and highest probability of success.

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