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Creating A More Comfortable Working Environment With Solar Reflective Window Films

To create a comfortable working environment means doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the temperature is convenient for you and your fellow colleagues. Heat is a significant problem in many workplaces and air conditioning systems are not reliable enough to maintain fresh air. That is why most brands have decided to use extra effort of preventing heat with the use of reflective window films. Window Films For The Workplace Window films have evolved to a level where they have become the most reliable way of preventing heat in workplaces.  No matter how hot the sun may be, this unique type of window film has the ability to absorb excessive heat that goes through the window and increases reflection on the outside. Reflective window films are coated using vaporized metal, which is used to regulate the amount of heat that transmitted through a window. Another factor that you might want to know about reflective window films is that, they are categorized according to how effective they are when it comes to transmitting light. There are those that are considered to be moderate, because they allow a large percentage of heat to go through. Wide Ranging Benefits Installing window films in workplace comes with a number of benefits such as added privacy, prevention of heat reduce cost meant for the heating system. Reflective window films can enhance the appearance of any building once they are installed. Another great advantage of using window films is that they are affordable and will not cost you a fortune investing in them. Most people also prefer using films because they are easy to maintain compared to other coverings such as blinds and curtains. Once these films have been installed, you [...]

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A Winter Problem

Commonly thought of as primarily a summer issue, the glare from the sun can actually be worse during the winter in many situations. There can be no doubt that sun’s glare can cause issues throughout the year and the low lying sun during the winter months can cause visibility and comfort issues which can be difficult to overcome. However, an application of specialist glare reduction window film from WF Glazing Protection can instantly make your premises more comfortable. Issues at Work The light from the sun during the winter can make it particularly difficult to focus on TV or computer screens, which in a workplace environment can result in negative impact to the ability of your workforce to be productive. Fortunately, help is at hand and through the application of specialist anti-glare window film, we will be able to help you take significant steps towards reducing unwanted glare, whilst still allowing natural light to pass through the glass without reducing visibility. Equally important to the glare reduction qualities of this specialist window film is the fact that it offers a more cost effective method solution when compared to traditional methods such as blinds and curtains which require cleaning and also block any view. A Recent Example We were asked to help combat an example of this during a recent project - Glare Reduction Window Film at Walton High, Milton The Problem We have high level windows in the I.T classrooms. This was causing glare and reflection on the computer screens making their use uncomfortable for our students. As a result, plain paper was being taped on to the windows by teachers as a temporary solution, which made them unsightly. We didn't feel that blinds were [...]

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The Window Film That Does it All

Many people make the assumption that window film only offers benefits for part of the year. Whilst there can be no doubting the beneficial effects of certain window films during the hot summer months, the insulating qualities of the window film that does it all are also without question. Ecolux™ from SolarGard® is an advanced Low-Emissivity film offering an effective method of decreasing both heating AND cooling costs. Innovative Window Insulating Technology By combining a low-e coating with solar control properties at high visible light transmissions, SolarGard have developed an innovative window-insulating film technology that goes beyond the capabilities of standard solar films: Rejects total solar energy by up to 53% reducing cooling costs and improving comfort Allows high visible light transmission for natural day lighting Improves the existing window's insulating properties by up to 41% Smart Sustainable Option Compared to low-e glazing replacements, Ecolux70 is a smart, sustainable option for homes and buildings with its 16 year warranty and significant energy and carbon savings. On warm days solar heat is rejected requiring less cooling and saving energy. During winter, heat is reflected back into the room requiring less heating and saving energy. Summer Benefits On warm days solar heat is rejected, requiring less cooling to maintain a comfortable environment and save energy. Winter Benefits During winter, heat is reflected back into the room, requiring less heating to maintain a comfortable environment and save energy. Outperforming Other Solar Control Film SolarGard have developed an innovative window-insulating film technology that outperforms other solar control window films*. Improved Comfort - Promotes more comfortable temperatures in every season, day and night.  Smart Savings - A sustainable upgrade that increases year-round energy savings and reduces carbon usage. Natural Day Lighting [...]

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The Rise & Rise of the Solar Window Film Market

The solar control window film market will nearly double in size in the next four years, according to a report by Lux Research Inc. The market will jump from its current value of $479 million to $863 million by 2018, experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 10 percent. Managing solar heat gain, light transmission, and glare has become a primary concern of manufacturers, as the use of architectural glass has grown globally, regulations have become stricter.   Source: Lux Research The report says, “compared to competing technologies like switchable glazings, aerogel glazings, and daylighting skylights, after-market solar control films offer a low-cost, short-payback-period technology that can address the much larger retrofit market,” which is why the market is expected to grow. You can read more on the report by visiting the Window Film Mag website by clicking here. Why The Increase in Popularity? Rising energy bills are the scourge of commercial and domestic property owners throughout the UK. With no sign of energy companies relenting and beginning to drop their prices, people have naturally begun to search for an effective alternative. Solar control window film offers a proven method of reducing cooling costs during the summer (assuming that you currently use air-conditioning to cool your building), and heating costs in winter. Insulating Qualities During winter months, inefficient windows can add significantly to heat loss and energy costs. Typically, the U-value of single glazing is 5.88 and 2.2-2.9 for non-coated double glazing. While replacing windows with the latest energy efficient glass will dramatically improve these U-values it can be a costly and problematic exercise with very long payback periods and little return on investment. Ecolux™ window film from SolarGard is the very latest technology combining a low-e [...]

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Why Window Film is An Effective Alternative To Blinds

Often thought of as more suitable for commercial use, window film is rapidly becoming a more popular domestic choice for people throughout the UK who are looking for similar benefits without breaking the bank to get them. Cost Effective Solution Absolutely ideal for a variety of residential building issues such as minimising cooling costs, reducing glare and heat build-up, upgrading windows to safety standards, increasing privacy levels and improving insulation, window film offers a highly cost effective solution when compared to alternatives including blinds and curtains. If you have had blinds installed within your home or are considering it, we certainly wouldn’t wish to tell you that it is a bad idea but whilst it is one option, it is not necessarily the best one. Why Is That? Cleaning dust and flies from blinds can be a real pain, along with the fact that blinds will block your view and cut out light when closed. And, of course, when they’re pulled up, the sun still fades your furnishings. However, window film can be a very cost-effective alternative and can be visibly clear or nearly impossible to see through from the outside even when those inside can see out. Where Can it be Installed? Window film can be fitted almost anywhere that you find glass, subject to its specification and condition. This may be down to a choice of architectural aesthetics and style or be done for many of the practical reasons from safety, privacy and security, to those inherent characteristics that are common to all window film types: Features Significant UV Light Reduction Variety of Different Tints Available, inc Frosted, Clear or Tinted Increased Safety Resistance Benefits Fade protection for furnishings Energy savings and cost [...]

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How To Use Window Film For Effective Advertising

Shop fronts offer one of the most effective methods of advertising for retailers up and down the country. After all, no matter how imaginative and innovative you are with your marketing strategies, the truth is that few methods offer the same potential as letting customers look in to see what you have to offer. The large expanse of glass on shop fronts offers the ideal way of attracting the attention of customers through the implementation of effective displays but why not look to take advantage of the space you already have by utilising window graphics. Promotional window graphics are the ideal, low-cost solution when you need to expand your company signage without taking up floor or wall space. Typically, window graphics for shop fronts fall into two distinct sections; permanent graphics and temporary graphics. Permanent Graphics Would you like to add some eye catching decoration to your shop front? Permanent shop front window graphics offer the opportunity to add your own logo or brand identity into the pattern. We have the ability to use vinyl lettering or digital print, in colour or frosted effects, to offer an outstanding method of advertising your company name and the list of services you offer or products you sell. Make it eye-catching to ensure your future customers know you are there. Alternatively, would you like to move in the other direction and obtain an element of privacy to your shop front? Is there a section of glass you are looking to obscure? Frosted window film, with or without cut outs, can do this for you. Temporary Graphics If you would like to promote a particular aspect of your business for a limited period of time, a sale or a [...]

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What Actually Is Solar Control Window Film?

Due to the fact that the heat from the sun generally builds throughout the day, rooms can often become uncomfortable at best, and at worse unusable. By applying solar control window film to your glass, property owners can exert a high degree of control over the amount of heat which builds up to create a more acceptable and productive temperature. Creating Temperature Stability Solar control window films have actually been in existence for decades and have been specifically designed to reflect heat from the sun. By providing greater temperature stability and comfort whilst, reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare, they are proven to be particularly effective during the summer months, when their properties can help to reduce the workload of cooling systems and save energy costs. How Do They Work? Applied to a window through the use of an optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive, solar control window film will restrict 99% of damaging UV rays from passing through the window whilst not reducing the transparency of the glass.  The various metallic, carbon or ceramic coatings will reject various levels of solar energy depending upon specification. Solar control window film will also help to reduce glare from the sun. This can be an issue all year round, and can be a particular problem for people watching television or working at a computer. The application of specialist window film can help to reduce glare by up to 81%. Where Are They Used? Solar control window film is widely used in the commercial and public sector built environment and is proven to be highly effective at reducing energy bills. Typically representing 30% of a building's annual budget, energy bills can be reduced due to the ability of window film [...]

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