Many UK businesses are coming under increased legal pressure, to hire contractors with verifiable health and safety credentials. Therefore, it is crucial to have a dependable process set up, to establish how your external contractors manage health and safety. As part of this process, you also need to evaluate the merits (or otherwise) of their practices.

Who is SafeContactor?

SafeContractor is a well known health and safety evaluation scheme. Numerous big organizations use this scheme to maintain and grow their lists of accredited service providers and contractors. The Importance Of Choosing A Contractor Who Is SafeContractor AccreditedOver 22,000 contractors and 220 major businesses are enrolled in this scheme nationwide.

SafeContractor is acknowledged throughout the UK as the benchmark scheme for health and safety accreditation. After you sign up to the scheme, you provide SafeContractor with a list of your external service providers. Then, SafeContractor will contact the appropriate providers and invite them to register with the scheme. Once the providers are registered, SafeContractor assesses their health and safety competencies and accredits them, when a suitable standard is reached.

Most business owners say that the SafeContractor scheme helps to lower the legal risks to their company. It ensures that every contractor on their payroll is health and safety approved. Also, it is more affordable to pay SafeContractor to manage their contractor lists efficiently.

Credible Scheme

The credibility of the SafeContractor scheme appeals to many businesses too. Some of the organizations who use it are household brands, with nearly thirty-three percent in the FTSE100.

All businesses registered with the scheme receive top notch support, via a dedicated support channel. This ensures that the scheme’s implementation is professionally managed. SafeContractor is a versatile service, which covers over 120 working practices.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

As well as eliminating the expensive administrative overheads, SafeContractor offers evidence that your company is legally compliant. Moreover, it has a web portal where you can monitor your existing service providers, and look for new ones. With its’ expanding UK membership base and growing media profile, many businesses are realizing the value that SafeContractor accreditation can add to their operations. If you are searching for a window film contractor, don’t get caught out by the law. Make sure you cover your bases and hire a contractor who has the right qualifications.