Often thought of as more suitable for commercial use, window film is rapidly becoming a more popular domestic choice for people throughout the UK who are looking for similar benefits without breaking the bank to get them.

Cost Effective Solution

Absolutely ideal for a variety of residential building issues such as minimising cooling costs, reducing glare and heat build-up, upgrading windows to safety standards, increasing privacy levels and improving insulation, window film offers a highly cost effective solution when compared to alternatives including blinds and curtains.

If you have had blinds installed within your home or are considering it, we certainly wouldn’t wish to tell you that it is a bad idea but whilst it is one option, it is not necessarily the best one.

Why Is That?

Cleaning dust and flies from blinds can be a real pain, along with the fact that blinds will block your view and cut out light when closed. And, of course, when they’re pulled up, the sun still fades your furnishings.

However, window film can be a very cost-effective alternative and can be visibly clear or nearly impossible to see through from the outside even when those inside can see out.

Where Can it be Installed?

Window film can be fitted almost anywhere that you find glass, subject to its specification and condition.

This may be down to a choice of architectural aesthetics and style or be done for many of the practical reasons from safety, privacy and security, to those inherent characteristics that are common to all window film types:


  • Significant UV Light Reduction
  • Variety of Different Tints Available, inc Frosted, Clear or Tinted
  • Increased Safety Resistance


  • Fade protection for furnishings
  • Energy savings and cost benefits
  • Improved privacy and security
  • Improved interior comfort 

Less Work Keep Clean

Another significant benefit of window film is the fact that it requires far less cleaning than blinds. If window film becomes dirty, you can simply wipe with a wet cloth.  It is much less work to clean window film than window blinds.

Easy Installation

Unless you are leaving the installation to the professionals, opting for window film instead of blinds can ensure far fewer problems when it comes to installation.  If you have larger windows or windows of an irregular size, it is no problem with window film. This is not true when installing window blinds.

Popular Choice

The video below highlights some of the reasons why window film is becoming an increasingly popular choice when compared to window blinds.

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