In a previous article, we focused upon the importance of taking steps to help improve wellbeing in the workplace. With the current situation facing the world, many people are now having to work from home. This does not mean that taking positive steps to improve your mental wellbeing should be put on the backburner, in fact, quite the opposite.

From effectively dealing with issues such as overheating and glare to privacy, safety and even anti-vandalism, the installation of window film to almost any property offers cost-effective, low maintenance and long-term solution.

What Actually is Wellbeing?

Before discussing how the wellbeing of individuals can be improved, we must first provide a little background information.

The general term “wellbeing” covers a number of aspects of the way people feel about their lives, including their jobs, and their relationships with the people around them.

Whilst it is true that the wellbeing of anyone concerns areas of their life including their own character along with their home/social life, research has concluded that employers can have a significant influence on the sense of wellbeing of their employees by helping to improve the overall working conditions of the workplace.

Maximising Performance

The individual wellbeing of your employees is now widely acknowledged to play a crucial role in helping to improve workplace performance.

A recent and comprehensive study* has suggested that working to achieve an improvement in wellbeing will result in improved workplace performance in a number of areas.

These include:

  • Profitability (financial performance of your business)
  • Labour Productivity
  • Output/Service Improvements.

Job satisfaction – including key aspects such as satisfaction with training, skills development opportunities, how much autonomy employees have in their role are also acknowledged to be positively impacted by improving levels of wellbeing in the working environment.

What Steps Can Be Taken To Improve Wellbeing Using Window Film?

With so many different types of the working environment, there really is no ‘one size fits all’ but this does not mean that key improvements are difficult to achieve and the installation of window film can play a critical role in a number of areas.

Glare control, in particular, is essential for all working environments as the visual discomfort caused by an inability to see screens, notice boards and workstations can negatively impact the ability of any workforce.


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*Recent Study – GOV.UK – Review of evidence on employee wellbeing and its potential impact on workplace performance