Solar Gard® Sentinel™ Plus is Solar Gard’s range of exterior window films – which provide maximum heat rejection by being the first line of defence against solar heat and glare.

Whilst window film has been used for many years in the commercial world to provide a more comfortable working environment, advances in technology now ensure that you can enjoy precisely the same benefits for your home – with the same high level of service, too.

Perhaps you’ve had conservatory blinds fitted, or maybe you’re considering it. It’s one option. Blinds are not necessarily the answer though. Cleaning off dust and flies can be a hassle, plus blinds can block your view and cut out light. And, of course, when they’re pulled up, the sun still fades your furnishings.

Designed to offer the best experience in terms of comfort, energy savings, and aesthetics, this range of solar control window films are customised to meet your needs.

Key Benefits of Solar Gard® Sentinel™ Window Film

  • Filming the exterior maximizes heat rejection with up to 82% Total Solar Energy Rejected

  • Provides a refreshed and uniform look to dated buildings

  • Maximum heat rejection also means maximum saving on air conditioning costs

  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

Recent Installation

Absolutely ideal for a variety of different uses, the installation of different varieties of window film can be used to improve privacy levels, reduce glare and even offer solar control properties.

We recently installed Solar Gard® Sentinel™ Silver20 OSW reflective window film to help reduce maximum levels of the sun’s heat for comfort and provide a mirror finish which we think compliments this beautiful home and garden.

Not only does window film offer a highly effective way of enhancing a property, but it also offers a highly affordable, along with quickly and easily installed, method of enhancing your property.