The link between creating the ideal working conditions and maximising the productivity of your workforce is hugely important for any business.

Poor working conditions can negatively impact areas ranging from the ability of an employee to work to their maximum potential and worker motivation to the overall wellbeing of the employee in question. It is therefore vital that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the working conditions for your team are at the highest realistic level.

Tackling Year Round Problems

Glare can be a real problem throughout all times of the year that can cause major disruption in any workplace. With many businesses using computers, tablets, smartboards etc on a daily basis, productivity can be severely impacted by the sun’s glare if these devices are almost impossible to view.

How Can We Help?

Our window films can reduce solar glare and reflection by up to 92% creating more comfortable, productive working environments for you and your staff.

A great example of this is as follows:

Due to poor working conditions, 3M Neutral35 solar film was installed to the high level glazing at this Ford showroom in Lutterworth to reduce glare by 60%.

Creating The Optimum Working Conditions

The Importance of ‘Thermal Comfort’

The six basic factors

The most commonly used indicator of thermal comfort is temperature – it is easy to use and most people can relate to it. However, air temperature alone is not a valid or accurate indicator of thermal comfort or thermal stress. It should always be considered in relation to other environmental and personal factors.

The six factors affecting thermal comfort are both environmental and personal. These factors may be independent of each other, but together contribute to an employee’s thermal comfort.

Environmental factors:

Personal factors:

For more information about how the temperature can effect the workplace, please click here.

Regulating Workplace Temperature

If your workplace quickly becomes either too hot or too cold, the effective regulation of the workplace temperature can play a very significant role in helping to optimise workplace conditions.

A recent BBC report highlighted the following:

“Failing to keep workers comfortable isn’t simply mean – it has serious financial implications too. In all, around 2% of office hours in the UK are wasted by battles for climate control, costing the economy more than £13 billion each year.”

“Getting the temperature right can boost job satisfaction, productivity and collaboration. Getting it wrong can make workers slowfat, or even sick.”

Whereas previously blinds may have been used to combat this problem by reflecting heat once it has entered the room, it is then too late to stop the temperature rising because modern day glazing is incredibly effective at retaining heat. However, the good news is that the installation of specialist solar control window film can make a substantial difference

A Recent Example

This flagship Head Office building in Nottingham was suffering from excessive solar gain on the south façade.

3M Prestige40 External solar control window film was chosen by the client due to the non-metallic natural appearance.

The installation was carried out on 500sqm of tinted double glazed units providing 55% heat gain reduction and a far more comfortable working environment.

Our window films can reduce solar heat gain by up to 82% creating a far more comfortable and productive working environment for your employees.

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