Commonly thought of as primarily a summer issue, the glare from the sun can actually be worse during the winter in many situations.

There can be no doubt that sun’s glare can cause issues throughout the year and the low lying sun during the winter months can cause visibility and comfort issues which can be difficult to overcome.

However, an application of specialist glare reduction window film from WF Glazing Protection can instantly make your premises more comfortable.

Issues at Work

The light from the sun during the winter can make it particularly difficult to focus on TV or computer screens, which in a workplace environment can result in negative impact to the ability of your workforce to be glare_reduction_window_film_at_walton_high_milton_keynes_php6fdu3i_bigproductive.

Fortunately, help is at hand and through the application of specialist anti-glare window film, we will be able to help you take significant steps towards reducing unwanted glare, whilst still allowing natural light to pass through the glass without reducing visibility.

Equally important to the glare reduction qualities of this specialist window film is the fact that it offers a more cost effective method solution when compared to traditional methods such as blinds and curtains which require cleaning and also block any view.

A Recent Example

We were asked to help combat an example of this during a recent project – Glare Reduction Window Film at Walton High, Milton

The Problem

We have high level windows in the I.T classrooms. This was causing glare and reflection on the computer screens making their use uncomfortable for our students.

As a result, plain paper was being taped on to the windows by teachers as a temporary solution, which made them unsightly.

We didn’t feel that blinds were a solution because of the controls needed to open and close them at high level and cleaning would have been difficult as well.

The Solution

We chose Titan05 dual reflective window film from WF Glazing Protection that reduces 87% of the sun’s glare.

The installation ran smoothly with no disruptions and was carried out to a high professional standard.

The Result

The film has been very effective in making the display screens easier to read and has achieved exactly what was required.

In addition, it has also helped to reduce the heat from the sun during the summer months.

We have since had more of the film installed in other areas of the school for solar control and student privacy