A window film is a thin sheet of polyester. It has optical grade coating. This type of sheet is installed on the glass of a door or window. There are many benefits of using such a film.

Save Energy

A highly reflective window film is designed to reflect outdoor heat. It helps save 12066036_649194021850021_1887313078065229452_nenergy by reducing air conditioning bills. The air conditioner operates efficiently when less heat enters the indoor area. The film can reduce incoming heat by more than 80%. This strong barrier is effective even during the winter months. The indoor heat does not come in contact with the outdoor environment. It results in efficient heating and cooling.

Reduced Glare

Window tinting film offers high level of protection from UV rays. It protects expensive furnishings, draperies and other colourful items from fading. In fact, there is no need to use window coverings when such films are used on window glasses. Only the required amount of light enters the room while the glare, UV rays and heat are blocked completely. Residents find the indoor area open and airy. There is no need to use artificial lighting during the daytime. People are more productive when they work under the natural daylight. The room has a comfortable environment when there are no claustrophobic window coverings.

Visual Impact

Window films are not limited to heat reflective and anti glare films. Now there is a wide range of designer glass films for various applications. Such stylish films are mainly used in commercial stores. The films used for such purposes have unique printed or frosted designs. The stylish look helps increase footfall in the store.

Hide Outdoor/Indoor View Partially or Completely

Window films can be used to block lower, upper or overall view in a glass window. This option offers lots of possibilities for offices, restaurants and stores. Mirror type highly reflective film can be used to completely block the view from outside while allowing room residents full view of the outdoor area. This film also protects indoor area from outdoor heat, UV rays, glare and bright light.

Increased Safety

Glasses break into sharp bits on impact. In case of an accident, flying bits of shard can harm people. A window film bonds to the glass and makes it shatter resistant. In case of a disaster, the glass bits do not fly away. It helps protect everyone present near the glass at the time of a disaster.

The window film is an excellent option to reduce expenses on air conditioning, window coverings and indoor artificial lighting. It helps make an indoor area more comfortable for living and working.