In the current day and age, window film represents a revolution in the business world. There are plenty of different options which come in all shapes and sizes. Investing in window film can help your business this winter.

Protection Against Graffiti

Graffiti art and vandalism are constant challenges faced by businesses especially in urban areas. Display windows and shop fronts are common targets, and it has never been more important to find an effective solution to the problem. WF Glazing Protection has a very innovative anti-graffiti window film that protects your windows from potential damage that can be caused by graffiti. It’s easily replaced if damaged and enables you to remove paint, stains and markings easily without harsh chemicals.

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Effective Protection

If there’s construction work going on, newly installed or existing windows often face the risk of damage. Temporary protection film can help you guard your windows against paint and scratches. It can be applied in a matter of minutes and is ideal for short term protection of glass during construction.

WFGP Temp-Protect Clear is ideal when building is taking place as it offers protection from cement and plaster. Additional features include the ability to provide stable protection for several weeks, and easy application and removal.

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Protection Against Breakage

UK Health and Safety regulations require a broad range of workplaces including shops, offices, hospitals, schools, places of entertainment and hotels, where necessary for safety reasons, to use safety materials or protect against breakage.

WFGP security films increase the impact resistance of windows and help to hold the glass in place. That can prevent accidental injuries to customers, employees and passersby resulting from broken, flying or falling glass. If you’re concerned about people looking into your premises, WFGP’s wide range of privacy and decorative films can also protect your business assets from opportunistic thieves and prying eyes.

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Cost-Effective Relief

When windows get broken, film can be very useful in ensuring the broken glass remains intact while awaiting replacement. Unlike boarding up broken windows, which can be very expensive and unattractive, emergency glass repair film is ideal for emergencies.

WFGP Glasstop Repair Film is designed to deliver a cost-effective and swift acting short term solution to the problem of broken glass doors, windows, panels and partitions. This significantly reduces the risk of injury and property damage from splintered glass. It’s also transparent to ensure no loss of natural light and eliminates the risk of danger of further breakage until the window is replaced.

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