Throughout all times of the year, we may find our lives being impacted in one way or another by the sun’s glare.

Whilst the worst some people experience may be a difficultly in watching their TV at particular times of the day, others may be faced with a more costly problem. Businesses may find that their productivity takes a dip due to an inability of their staff to view computer screens and equipment.

Serious potential consequences

The potential consequences of solar glare can even have tragic consequences such as those highlighted in the article below. Reducing the harmful effects of solar glare

Combating solar glare

The good news is that an affordable solution exists which has been designed to combat the effects of low lying sun. This is evidenced in a project that we completed at Walton High in Milton Keynes.

What was the issue?

Walton High has a number of high level windows in the I.T. classrooms. This was causing glare and reflection on the computer screens making their use uncomfortable for students.

As a result, plain paper was being taped on to the windows by teachers as a temporary fix, which made them unsightly.  Blinds were not a solution because of the controls needed to open and close at high level and cleaning would have been difficult as well.

Providing an effective solution

We made an informed recommendation of the installation of Titan05 dual reflective window film which would help to reduce up to 92% of the sun’s glare and then took the necessary steps to ensure that the installation ran smoothly with no disruptions whilst being carried out to a high professional standard at all times.

How effective were the results?

The film has been very effective in making the display screens easier to read and has achieved exactly what was required.

In addition, it has also helped to reduce the heat from the sun during the summer months. These additional benefits resulted in the installation of more film in other areas of the school for solar control and student privacy.

Additional Examples

Another high profile example of the negative effects of the sun’s glare and how they can be tackled are highlighted in a recent case study that was added to our blog.

For more details on this project, please visit our case study titled – A ‘Triumph’ For Solar Control Window Film!

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