How secure is your property? As the nights begin to draw in, security worries begin to increase for many people and in particular for shop owners, whose premises become more vulnerable during the long winter nights.

Taking Preventative Measures

A break in can prove to be a severe blow to any business and has the potential to put a significant strain on operations and profit. It is therefore crucial to take preventative action by installing effective security equipment.

By offering a highly effective measure of security along with improved peace of mind, WF Glazing Protection provide a highly effective range of security grilles complimenting our security films to create the perfect way of defending your windows whether at home or at work.

The great physical deterrent and barrier offered by the installation of security grills for your windows/doors makes it easy to see why their popularity has never been greater.

Possessing great strength and durability, their presence when closed offers a highly effective deterrent against any potential criminal activity against your property.

Offering a Robust Method of Defence

Modern security grilles offer a robust method of defence. Comprising anti-cut steel bars and mesh, they are enough to deter many attempts at a crime as the construction and strength of modern day security grilles are often comfortably enough to delay and beat most criminals, who are more concerned with sneaking around and looking for hassle-free chances to steal and vandalise.

Even the small windows can benefit from the installation of a security grille and are therefore ideal to stop the entry of more sophisticated criminals who target valuables, keys, phones, computers, laptops and so forth, which can often be vulnerable.

Quality Business Security

Created to help keep intruders out, once installed our security grilles will provide a visually pleasing result whilst allowing merchandise to be displayed safely 24 hours a day while letting the maximum amount of light in.

Our available range of security grilles have been created with all considerations in mind. This means that whilst not in use can be stored to the sides of your windows/doors ensuring that you will not have to sacrifice the looks of your property in order to improve your levels of security.

For more on our available range of security grilles, please check out the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.