There can be no doubt that glazing of any type can be a potential weakness when it comes to the security of a property.

Our range of security film can be installed both inside and outside of almost any building and offers the perfect complement to other window films which offer effective protection against glare, fading and privacy issues amongst others.

Invisible Security

Thankfully, the days of unattractive ‘window grilles’ are now long behind us by applying specialist security window film can help to provide an almost invisible level of security along with all important peace of mind.

Not only can the application of window film help you to sleep easier at night, for business owners it can also help you to comply with existing legislation.

Are You Complying With Regulation?

In 1992, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulation 14 came into force, requiring that “every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall, partition, door or gate should, where necessary for reasons of health or safety, be of a safety material or be protected against breakage; and be appropriately marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.”

This regulation applies to a wide range of workplaces including offices, shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and places of entertainment.

Offering a Range of Finishes

The range of specialist security window film available from WF Glazing Protection can be quickly and easily applied to existing glazing, removing the need for the installation of expensive new windows or other forms of security that will negatively impact the exterior of your building.

Enhanced Security

Available in a variety of different thicknesses, uur security window films can delay and deter opportunistic thieves by increasing the impact resistance of your windows.

For an example of security window film in action, please check out the following YouTube video.

How Does It Work?

In the event of window breakage, security window film will help to hold the glass in place ensuring that potential criminals don’t have the quick access they need to steal your assets.

Another significant benefit offered by this specialist film is the fact that because it helps to hold broken glass in place, the chances of it falling in on itself and causing potential injury to those inside is substantially reduced.

Please Note – Our security films are certified to BS EN12600 and EN356 European Impact Standards

Get Your Security Window Film Today!

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