Tired of losing the Privacy Battle?

//Tired of losing the Privacy Battle?

Tired of losing the Privacy Battle?

Tired of nosey neighbours peering through your window every time they walk past? We don’t blame you!

Whilst closing curtains or installing blinds or shutters can offer an effective antidote against prying eyes, these are not perfect and offer the significant drawback of not only making the room seem a little smaller, they also block out all of the light when they are closed.

Large windows can also make privacy quite difficult as well, however, help is now at hand in the form of the range of privacy and safety window films which are available from the team at WF Glazing Protection.

Bespoke Privacy Solutions Available

With our wide range of Privacy and Decorative Films, we can supply you with a bespoke privacy solution for peace of mind or for your personal modesty.Tired of losing the Privacy Battle? Find Out How You Can Win!

With our extensive range of privacy, graphics and decorative window films we can work closely with you to create a bespoke design or simply choose from our standard patterned and special effects films. With a full range of specialist privacy window film available directly from us, we offer the ideal method of increasing the privacy levels of your property at a price which will not break the bank.

Best of all, our available range can all be self-installed ensuring that costs can be kept even lower!

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Our available range of privacy window film offers a number of wide-ranging benefits including:

  • 24 hour privacy of valuable assets,
  • Increased personal modesty
  • Hiding unattractive parts of a building
  • + much more

The installation of privacy window film can help to transform your property into something altogether more secure.

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