Constructionline Gold Members

With tens of thousands of customers in the UK seeking an independent, respected platform to help identify reputable construction suppliers, Constructionline offers the ideal platform to ensure you can make the right decision.

Customers use their platform to quickly find suppliers that will enable them to complete a whole range of projects. They validate all of their members, providing those buyers with a pool of high-quality suppliers that they can confidently engage with.

What Is Constructionline?

Constructionline is the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction and construction-related suppliers setting criteria for quality, reliability and health & safety.

They have several membership levels, to cater to customers that look for a broader range of compliance criteria, as well as suppliers looking to select a membership level that best suits their business needs.

All suppliers holding a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships have been validated by the Constructionline team, providing Buyers with a pool of high-quality Suppliers that they can confidently engage with.

WF Glazing Protection Is Gold Member Accredited

Gold Membership requires a number of further validation checks which are of interest to many buyers using an enhanced pre-qualification questionnaire that goes beyond PAS91.

Constructionline assesses a company’s credentials for environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery act adherence and anti-bribery and corruption policies. Some of these policies form part of the Cabinet Office Selection Questionnaire (SQ), which the public sector is expected to comply with.

As well as enhanced prequalification, all Gold members are assessed for SSIP. Constructionline’s Acclaim team is accredited to assess and award ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ SSIP (Safety Schemes In Procurement) certificates for health and safety – something that all construction buyers look for in supplier selection.

SSIP was developed as an umbrella body to give confidence to Buyers that their suppliers have been assessed to the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 as well as the SSIP core criteria.

For more on SSIP, please click here.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

The stringent testing that we were submitted to in order to ensure eligibility for Gold Membership with Constructionline guarantees that our customers will receive an exceptional level of service from a company with a commitment to doing business the correct way.

Some of the benefits offered to buyers from Constructionline Gold Members include:

  • Supply chain risk management – Constructionline manages all necessary Experian checks, PAS91 verification and enhanced questionnaire for you, providing you with an up-to-date view of supplier credentials in an easy-to-filter format.
  • Sourcing new suppliers – their intuitive platform allows buyers to access a verified pool of suppliers based on the criteria that are most important to you, whether it’s related to compliance, geography or business size. They also operate a comprehensive calendar of Meet the Buyer events and Supplier Engagement days, so you can meet face to face with prospective suppliers that are well-placed to support your upcoming projects.
  • Legislative compliance – the changing regulatory environment has an enormous impact on buying practices. Their experts keep ahead of those regulatory changes, enhancing our validation services accordingly. This means you can have confidence that you’re working with approved and accredited partners.

These sit alongside our existing SafeContractor SSIP accreditation and Investors in the Environment Green Award.

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Mr & Mrs Brown, Holbrook, Derby.

“Not long after moving into our new house and deciding to use the conservatory as a playroom for our two year old daughter we discovered the need to protect her from harmful UV rays. We had also purchased a new leather sofa that we knew would be susceptible to sun damage. After much research we decided on the window film approach. Dave came to visit us and explain how the different films work and the benefits that each gave.

After the visit we decided straight away to use WF Glazing Protection. We normally get at least three quotations for any work on the house, but because of the way that Dave presented the 3M Night Vision25 for the roof and 3M Prestige70 for the vertical windows along with the feedback he had from previous customers we decided that this was the right company to do business with.

The installation was challenging due to the shape of the roof but the team were extremely professional and carried out the work without any issues. They were quick and efficient and left the place spotless. Great Job!

We are now looking forward to the summer knowing that our daughter is safe to play and the room will be a much more comfortable temperature.”

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John & Carolyn, NEWARK, Notts – 3M Prestige70

“The windows at the rear of our property are all south facing and as a consequence we found ourselves drawing the curtains during the day to keep the heat out and stop fading. We were in the process of considering installing air-conditioning when we got a leaflet from WF Glazing Protection advertising window films, through our letterbox. We had thought about window films and dismissed them as not a very good idea due to stories of them peeling off and the silver mirrored effect of the 70’s came to mind.

However, the leaflet talked of new technology and advances in manufacturing window film so we decided to contact WF Glazing Protection for advice and a free quotation.

We discussed the problems we were experiencing with Dave and decided to have the 3M™ Prestige70 solar control film applied to all of the windows on the rear of our property.

Since the film has been applied we have experienced a significant reduction in heat gain so the house is much cooler with no loss of light and no fading.

We have been very happy with the installation, level of service and cost of the window film and would recommend it to anyone experiencing problems like ours. It’s also much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than air conditioning.”

As you can see from the photo you cannot tell there is any film on the windows.

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Specialist window film saves the modesty of residents…

The Litmus Building, Nottingham

The brand new, award winning premises in the heart of Nottingham required a privacy solution to the windows of the tenants’ swimming pool.

The architects at Lace Market Properties stipulated that the effect must be graduated to keep the perception of clarity from inside of the pool.

Working together to meet their requirements WF Glazing Protection specified and sourced 3M™ Fasara™ Illumina Decorative Window Film.

A graduating film from white frost to clear that has an anti-bacterial coating to resist finger marks and a 5 year warranty against peeling.

The project was completed on time with minimum disruption on behalf of main contractor Laing O’Rourke.

3M & Fasara are trademarks of the 3M Company

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How To Redirect Sunlight Using Window Film

Reducing the amount of sun radiation entering a building allows you to keep the temperature of your office or home under control. This saves energy through reduced air conditioning costs, increases comfort by keeping glare under control, and protects interior furnishings from sun damage.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film sends direct sunlight up towards the ceiling, bouncing natural light deeper into a building. As well as dispersing extra light in a more uniform way throughout a room it also reduces glare, increasing comfort for people within the space. In addition, the energy used to light rooms is reduced making it an energy efficient choice.

Time Lapse Video

This Time Lapse demo video of 3M Daylight Redirecting Film demonstrates how micro-replicated film redirects light toward the ceiling, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day in your commercial office building.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film is our window film designed to redirect sunlight from windows deeper into buildings to increase natural light. Bringing natural light deeper into buildings provides many benefits for the occupants, as well as helping to reduce the need for artificial lighting which can save energy.

Get natural daylight further into your building and reduce glare from direct light with 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films. Our window films provide a simple, effective daylighting solution that comfortably brings natural light deeper into buildings. Made of micro-structured prisms, the films redirect 80% of incoming daylight up towards the ceiling and diffuse the light to distribute it more evenly. Bringing natural light deeper into buildings helps to promote wellbeing for occupants, as well as helping to reduce the need for artificial lighting, saving energy. They’re easily integrated into new or existing windows and require no maintenance or special cleaning.

  • Integrate easily into new or existing windows
  • Redirect natural light back into a building by as much as 12 m or more
  • Reduce glare and discomfort caused by direct sunlight on occupants
  • Helps to reduce dependence on electric lighting
  • No maintenance or special cleaning required

Suggested Applications

  • For commercial, public and residential buildings
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