Safety Window Film – Taking Security to a New Level

There can be little doubt that glass can be a fragile and potentially dangerous material, which presents a significant chance of injury and secondary damage when broken.

Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that glass in risk critical locations must meet specified safety standards, and through the application of specialist safety window film from WF Glazing Protection, you can be certain to receive an efficient and highly effective solution.

How Does Safety Window Film Work?

Safety window film has been designed to substantially reduce the negative impact of broken glass. If untreated or standard glazing breaks, the shards can fall away from the frame creating an immediate and dangerous hazard. However the application of safety window film helps to hold the broken glass in place to prevent it from causing any further problems.

The application of safety film will upgrade glass to safety glass standards, thus ensuring that there will be no need to incur the additional expense of undertaking an expensive glazing replacement programme to ensure health and safety compliance is met.

Turning a Weakness into a Strength

With the 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films available from WF Glazing Protection, we will be able to help you turn your windows from one of your property’s weaknesses into one of its strengths.

By offering proven help against threats such as break-ins, and the increasing threat posed by extreme weather, 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films have been designed to help hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass during a breakage.

Because these films are designed to hold the glass together, they work to form a stronger barrier, absolutely perfect for slowing down and deterring any prospective criminals who may look to use your window as a method of gaining entry to your property.

Safety Upgrades

Safety film can be fitted internally or externally and once installed by WF Glazing Protection’s team of professional installers, your existing float glass will be upgraded to meet the necessary standard BS EN 12600, previously BS6206.

This specialist window film can also be combined with a variety of other benefits to provide increased functionality such as privacy and solar protection for your property.

For guidance, advice, information, samples and an installation quote, contact one of WF Glazing Protection’s trained team of staff by calling 0345 337 4751 today.

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Window Film – The Investment That Keeps On Giving

Do you find your business productivity starts to take a nose dive during periods when temperature takes a dramatic turn?

When it comes to the work place, if your staff can’t stand the heat or the cold… productivity will suffer and because of the direct effect this will have on your income earning capacity, this is something that must be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Forward Thinking Business Owners

There is an obligation for business owners to ensure that office temperatures do not become too cold during the winter.  Workrooms should normally be at least:

  • 16°C, or
  • 13°C if much of the work is physical. 

Visit the Health & Safety Executive for further information – 

There is no such obligation in place for to help regulate office temperatures during the summer. However, there can be little doubt that forward thinking business owners need to recognise the negative impact that serious fluctuations in temperature can have on productivity.

Fascinating Insight

A study by the renowned Cornell University in the UK provided some very interesting results –

“When the office temperature in a month-long study increased from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, typing errors fell by 44 percent and typing output jumped 150 percent.”

“At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, workers who were keyboarding 100 percent of the time with a 10 percent error rate, but at 68 degrees, their keying rate went down to 54 percent of the time with a 25 percent error rate,” 

“Temperature is certainly a key variable that can impact performance.”

For further information on this study please click on the following link – 

Creating the Optimum Conditions

It stands to reason that the majority of office based employees will be most comfortable in an environment with a moderate temperature: not too hot and not too cold.

The first thought for many people is to turn to air conditioning to help but although the installation of an  conditioning system can obviously help to bring the indoor temperature of an office down during the summer, it has two significant drawbacks; it is very expensive to run and is not environmentally friendly.

Avoid the requirement to invest as significantly in air conditioning and perhaps avoid the need altogether.

Installation of Solar Control Window Film

The installation of solar control window film is something that should be viewed as an investment as opposed to an expense due to the wide ranging benefits that it offers.

Along with helping to increase the energy efficiency of the building in which it is installed by blocking summer solar gain and retaining winter heat, our window film will filter the sun’s UV rays, reducing the fading of office furniture, carpets and curtains.  The office environment will also be a far more comfortable place by reducing eye strain caused by glare and eliminating temperature imbalances.

Once the film has been installed, any pre-installed air conditioning systems will not have to work as hard to maintain the optimum workplace temperature. By cutting out heat passing through the windows, cooling costs are reduced significantly.

Important Stats

  • Our window films can reduce solar heat gain by up to 82% creating a far more comfortable and productive working environment for your employees.
  • With a wide range available, we can work with all window types to create a solution to meet your individual requirement. 

Solar control window film offers the most cost effective solution to managing heat gain at the workplace.  It is an investment that pays for itself by offering the opportunity to ensure that productivity does not begin to drop due to temperature and heating and cooling costs are reduced.

For more information please call 0345 337 4751.

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Investors in the Environment is a national accreditation scheme designed to help organisations reduce their Carbon Footprint and therefore their impact on the wider community. As a result, businesses are also able to reduce their own risk through lowering their reliance on key raw materials such as oil and gas. Businesses also save money on costs and can attract customers with a strong sense of social impact.

To achieve the Green Award, businesses must have an environmental policy that commits to legal compliance and has identified the areas of environmental impact. Alongside this they assign responsibility for environmental action to a key member of staff – known as the Green Champion.

They then have to measure at least 6 resources on a monthly basis, including Gas, Electricity, Water and then other resources such as paper, waste, and business travel. Once this is established, they complete a carbon footprint analysis and are expected to set annual reduction targets of at least 2% along with SMART action plans to help them meet their targets.

Employee engagement is a key part of the accreditation as it is far easier to achieve the goals set if everyone is working towards them. We ask our members to take part in activities such as zero waste week, green week, and committing to a paperless office. There is also the opportunity to get involved with external activities such as litter picks and volunteering at local nature reserves. They are expected to keep them informed of the impact the joint efforts are having on the overall carbon footprint.

Award Night

Around 30 people came along to share the success of local businesses who are working to reduce their environmental impact each year.

Introductions were made by Ella McManus, Business Advisor for the Investors in the Environment Central region, before Wendy Baird gave a presentation about Eco Cuppa, the fantastic initiative she is promoting to reduce the use of throw away cups in the U.K. Members were also given a cup to take home with them to help in their pledge to reduce waste.

The awards were then given to the businesses that had achieved the criteria set.

Next, we heard from Chris Beattie, Director of WEGO – a clean logistics firm in Nottingham. We heard about his vision for a cleaner delivery process in the city centre. His plan is to consolidate all deliveries on route to the city into one electric vehicle and then use cycles to complete multi-drop deliveries. This would help to reduce congestion and pollution.

Finally, businesses were awarded with exemplary certificates. Various categories included overall achiever, green champion and great green star. These are awards are given to businesses that have gone above the set criteria and have exceeded the expectations of the Investors in the Environment standard.

There was a nice informal atmosphere at the Riverside Gallery event and it was great to see like-minded businesses networking and discussing future projects that will benefit everyone. We look forward to recognising even greater achievements next year.

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WF Glazing Protection’s Green Award Renewed For 2018

We are delighted to have been awarded the Investors in the Environment Green Award for the fourth year running for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and for continuous ongoing improvements.

Who Are iiE?

Investors in the Environment (iiE) are a nationwide environmental accreditation scheme which has been designed to help businesses save money and positively impact the environment by improving their energy efficiency and reducing their negative environmental footprint.

They provide all the help, support, promotion and networking needed to make your business greener whilst ensuring that you receive recognition for their green initiatives.

Accreditations Available

The iiE accreditation scheme has been created to help offer proof that a business has implemented an effective environmental management plan with the goal of reducing their environmental impact.

The step-by-step approach within each accreditation level allows businesses to set achievable targets and establish a pathway of continual improvement.
To help recognise and reward businesses for their efforts towards becoming more environmentally friendly, the iiE have created 3 different awards:

  • Green
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The ‘Green Award’ is the highest achievable level within the iiE and we are absolutely delighted to have achieved this standard for the third consecutive year.
As part of our Investors in the Environment accreditation process we have worked with the Woodland Trust to create 250m2 of new native woodland. In time this will absorb at least 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping with our strategy to reduce our business carbon footprint.
Woodland Trust

The Accreditation Process

As part of the accreditation process, the iiE completed an onsite audit whilst requiring us to demonstrate an energy efficiency increase of 2% (minimum) over an agreed baseline.

How Did We Achieve This?

We worked tirelessly towards our green credentials for a number of months with activities ranging from implementing a sustainable procurement policy to eco-driver training and travel planning.  Everything that was implemented led to an overall reduction in carbon emissions of 13.51%.

After significant work, we were delighted when we were informed that we had reached the required level and we now plan to mitigate our remaining carbon footprint for the last financial year.

What Does This Mean?

Becoming a member of Investors in the Environment has provided us with a great framework for making environmental improvements, leading to cost savings, as well as offering a great platform for networking and sharing knowledge.

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A Commitment To Excellence

Commercial and residential property owners throughout have turned to us for over 10 years and our reputation is one that ensures our customers can expect to receive the highest quality results as we will ensure the job is done right the first time, promptly.

How Can Window Film Help You?

There are a wide variety of reasons why people choose to have the windows of their property tinted. Aesthetics has always been a popular reason, however, energy savings, increased safety and privacy, comfort and UV protection are now very common choices amongst our customers.

We guarantee total professionalism and service combined with a fair pricing policy that ensures our clients pay the right price every time. We strive to offer the most competitive quotation possible, our experienced and highly skilled team of staff ensure your expectations are met and indeed exceeded.

Offering Wide-Ranging Benefits

The application of window tinting for a commercial property is something that should be viewed as an investment due to its wide-ranging benefits. Alongside increasing the aesthetics of the building, increased energy efficiency will be achieved by the qualities of the window film helping to block out heat and cold.

Specialist window tinting will also help to filter out the sun’s harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays, thus reducing the fading of office furniture, carpets and curtains, stock etc, helping to increase their lifespan.

Window tinting film provides a strong shield, designed to rebuff scratches. It will also help to keep the glass in place if it breaks. Our expert installation team apply the film to the glass so it is guaranteed not to flake or delaminate.

By choosing WF Glazing Protection for your commercial or residential window tinting project, you will benefit from:

  • Heat & Glare Rejection
  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • UV & Fade Protection
  • Privacy
  • Manifestation & Graphics
  • Safety & Security

Our window film application team is committed to providing the highest quality finish and excellent customer service regardless of the size of the project they are undertaking. We offer some of the best warranties in the entire industry, and the quality of our installations and products are unmatched within the Midlands area.

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