How to Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Building With Window Film

Going green isn’t just popular because of the new emphasis on environmentalism and clean energy to fight climate change, there are also a variety of other reasons why choosing the ‘green’ option for your building should not be overlooked.

While property improvements such as solar panels and spray foam insulation have received a lot of attention, other great options like special window film haven’t received the attention they deserve.

While many of the other property improvement options often require a significant investment, the installation of quality window film can be a huge help to keep a house or commercial building a little more cool, saving on air conditioning bills during sweltering summer months or warmer during the winter months.

A good film can make a radical difference in the overall monthly electric bills and there is a lot to like about this simple yet powerful home improvement.

Looking at the Benefits of Window Film

There are several things to like about the benefits that a good window film has to offer.

Major benefits of installing window film include:

  • Improved energy efficiency to save on monthly utility bills
  • Reduced glare off the windows
  • Slightly more indoor privacy during the day, even without curtains
  • Blocks a lot of heat caused by direct sunlight
  • Reduces the need for air conditioning
  • Window film is easy to buy and easy to install

A Long Term Investment

These benefits make it obvious why window film is seen as such a quality investment in property improvement, especially in climates that have very long and hot summers, requiring a longer cooling season in order to stay comfortable.

In Conclusion

When it comes to making your house or commercial building as comfortable, modern, and energy-efficient as possible, don’t forget that every little detail counts. This is where an often overlooked detail like properly filmed windows can make all the difference. This is a prime example of a case where a small investment can yield huge positive results.


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Creating An Invisible Security Banner For Your Business

A break in can prove to be a severe blow to any business and has the potential to put a significant strain on operations and profit. It is therefore crucial to take preventative action by installing effective security equipment.

There can be no doubt that glazing of any type can be a potential weakness when it comes to the security of a property.

Deter & Delay Potential Thieves

Available in a variety of different thicknesses, our security window films can delay and deter opportunistic thieves by increasing the impact resistance of your windows.

Our range of security film can be installed both inside and outside of almost any building and offers the perfect complement to other window films which offer effective protection against glare, fading and privacy issues amongst others.

Thankfully, the days of unattractive ‘window grilles’ are now long behind us by applying specialist security window film can help to provide an almost invisible level of security along with all important peace of mind.

Not only can the application of window film help you to sleep easier at night, for business owners it can also help you to comply with existing legislation.

Are You Complying With Regulations?

In 1992, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulation 14 came into force, requiring that “every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall, partition, door or gate should, where necessary for reasons of health or safety, be of a safety material or be protected against breakage; and be appropriately marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.”

This regulation applies to a wide range of workplaces including offices, shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and places of entertainment.

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Window Film – 5 Reasons Why ALL Homeowners Must Have This Installed

Absolutely ideal for a variety of different uses, the installation of different varieties of window film can be used to improve privacy levels, reduce glare and even offer solar control properties.

Best of all, this can all be done without sacrificing light levels or changing the aesthetics of your house too dramatically.

5 Amazing Reasons to Turn To Window Film

If you are still a little unsure, please check out the following 5 reasons that we believe everyone should have window film installed into their home.

No. 1 – It Offers The Perfect Alternative To Curtains & Blinds

Whilst the installation of curtains or blinds are still the ‘old school’ choice for many, they can result in the increased need for cleaning within your home along with making the room seem a little smaller.

However, the installation of window film can help to make a huge difference to your chosen rooms often resulting in them feeling both bigger and brighter.

No. 2 – You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Light For Privacy

Home privacy can be an issue for many people, especially during the dark winter nights where it can be all too easy for neighbours and passers-by to see into your home when the lights are on.

Thankfully the application of specialist privacy window film can significantly reduce the ability of people to see into your property whilst not reducing the amount of light being let into your home.

No. 3 – We Can Create Something Just for You!

Are you a little tired of the way the exterior of your property looks? Although most window film is completely transparent, there is a great range of window film which is available in different colours and patterns designed to brighten the exterior of any building.

No. 4 – It’s Highly Cost Effective

Not only does window film offer a highly effective way of enhancing a property, it also offers a highly affordable, along with quickly and easily installed, method of enhancing your property.

No. 5 – It’s Perfect For Any Room

Because window film is tough and highly durable, it is also designed to be water resistant and as such can be used in any room, including bathrooms!

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Window Film For Businesses – 5 Reasons Why You Must Have This Installed

Do solar (& sun) related issues cause problems for your business? If they do, you are far from being alone. However, the good news is that a low cost and highly effective solution is available in the form of solar control window film

In this article we will outline 5 of the major benefits offered to business owners who choose to have window film installed.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With the Installation of Window Film

No. 1 – They Help To Save Money!

One of the biggest benefits of window films is that they result in higher savings due to lower energy costs. These can work to reduce the heat loss through the windows. They work on improving the glass insulating performance. Moreover, solar control window films work in both the hotter and colder climates. In both climates, they can help in saving a lot through lower energy costs.

No. 2 – They Offer a Low Cost Way To Enhance The Appearance of Your Property

Window films can help in improving the overall appearance of your business as well. This can benefit your business directly because they work to improve the overall health and looks of your business. They are great for improving how you feel about your business in general and attract more clients, which will indefinitely lead to a better and well-established client base.

No. 3 – Take Security To New Levels!

The installation of window films can lead to improved safety and security. They help in enhancing control and lessening the overall dangers and damage that are caused by a broken glass. Therefore, they are good for maintaining your businesses’ overall safety and security.

No. 4 – Effective Protection From UV Rays

The installation of solar control window films can play a key role in providing important UV protection. They help in blocking dangerous UV rays from coming in your buildings. Moreover, they also assist in providing and protecting the interior furnishings from fading. UV rays are generally thought to be dangerous for your health as they can cause skin cancer and more but that is exactly where solar control window films come in. They provide UV protection that will benefit your business directly.

As a business then, you can benefit from the fact that these windows will provide protection to the people who are working in your company, enhancing their overall productivity, protecting them from the dangers of the world and more.

No. 5 – Improve The Look Of Your Building

Window films also offer outstanding design. They bring a decent space to life and can reduce the overall cost of designs. They are good for a variety of textures, patterns, and shades.

In Conclusion

Window films provide a good return on investment, which means they offer the fastest and quickest paybacks as those on lighting or window replacements.

Moreover, they also work to enhance comfort and productivity and provide important UV protection that is good for your employee’s health. These windows also improve the overall design of your space and provide higher savings due to lower energy costs.

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The Top 4 Benefits to Businesses Offered by Solar Control Window Film

Manage energy costs & improve occupant comfort with 3M Solar Window Film.

3M Solar Window Film can reduce solar heat gain and help to create a balanced environment in buildings, especially in the summer months, when the films can help to reduce the workload of cooling systems and save energy costs.

Energy Conservation

3M Solar Window Films can help you to reduce your energy costs. These costs typically represent 30% of a building’s annual budget. Rising energy bills and the introduction of carbon reduction targets, have focused building owners on finding ways to reduce their bills. Within commercial and public buildings, energy costs are often driven by high HVAC costs, as it costs 3 to 4 times more to cool a building by 1 degree Celsius than to heat it.*

The installation of solar control window films can be highly beneficial to almost any business. These control window films are one of the most viable and cost effective strategy of making the offices and other premises cooler.

How Do Solar Control Films Work?

The films achieves the cooling power by reducing excess heat penetration to the buildings, which saves on the energy costs associated with air conditioning resulting into higher returns on investments.

Benefit No. 1 – Protection From UV Rays

During the hot sunny days, businesses are able to protect their employees and other perishable product within their premises using the solar control window films. The ordinary solar control films filters at least 95% of the solar infrared heat and rays, which may have a damaging effect on people and products within the buildings. At WF Glazing Protection, we add value to our control films to ensure they are able to filter the dangerous ultra violet solar rays up to 99%, ensuring total protection of the business employees and precious products.

Benefit No. 2 – Reduced Damage

By reducing excessive exposure to the sun within the buildings, the solar control window films saves on the decoration and fitting costs for the business by reducing the speed at which the house interior fitting and surfaces fades when exposed to the sun. The low light allowed into the buildings by the control window films makes the interior spaces of business comfortably cooler for the daily activities of the business.

Benefit No. 3 – Additional Security

Solar control window films offer an additional security layer to the premises windows in case of any accidental or deliberate breakages of the glass surfaces, windows, and doors. The broken pieces of glass remain suspended in the film instead of being spread across surfaces. This suspension makes it harder for penetration into a room in case of theft of sabotage.

Benefit No. 4 – Affordable Decoration

Additionally, the solar control window films allows for easier, cheaper and faster decoration of the buildings without having to scratch walls or hindering other business operations. Our films are designed with a wide range of colours and contemporary designs for businesses. These films enhance business branding and advertising to the people outside the premises. The film is useful in the internal office spaces as well as allowing the business to customize their premises at a lower cost.

Securing the solar protective window films from professional with ma vast experience in the industry provides value for money. At WF Glazing Protection, we offer a wide range of high-end solar protection film solution to the clients in a professional way.

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