How To Use Window Film To Increase Security

Accidents happen, as do deliberate acts of violence. We can’t stop them, but we can increase our protection against them. One of the most common causes of injury and death in the event of an explosion is flying fragments of glass. Safety films, in combination with an impact protection system, are designed to hold glass together, keeping it in its frame and helping to protect you against flying glass fragments.

Fortunately, you can help protect your building and your business against break-ins, vandalism and even bomb blasts with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems, which help to hold window glass together in the event of breakage.

How safe are your windows?

In 1992, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulation 14 came into force, requiring that “every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall, partition, door or gate should, where necessary for reasons of health or safety, be of a safety material or be protected against breakage; and be appropriately marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.”

This regulation applies to a wide range of workplaces including offices, shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and places of entertainment.

Business owners and landlords who do not comply could face significant legal consequences if their employees, customers or even passers-by are injured by broken, falling or flying glass from their properties.

Our safety window films are certified to BS EN12600 in accordance with current UK Health & Safety legislation and can upgrade existing glazing to the appropriate standards.

Reduce your risk by reinforcing your windows

Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, thieves can victimize your business and go after easy smash-and-grab targets — making your glass doors and ground floor windows vulnerable.

3M™ Safety & Security Window Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems make it more difficult to get through your windows, helping to reduce your losses during smash-and-grab crimes.

  • Help protect people and property
  • Keep the welcoming appearance of your property without adding bars or other physical barriers
  • Thicker adhesive helps hold broken glass together, hindering break-and-enter crimes
  • Tear-resistance offers excellent performance over standard films
  • Help protect against broken glass shards and unlawful entry

Mitigate glass-related injuries and damage

Bomb threats seem like a daily occurrence, often involving schools, government buildings and commercial facilities. And accidental explosions are real-life everyday risks for many industrial, lab and manufacturing plants. You can reduce the risk of glass-related injuries and damage during blasts by reinforcing your windows with 3M™ Safety & Security Films that help hold glass together during blast events.

  • Reduce risks from impact energy
  • Get additional protection from blasts thanks to tear resistance
  • Help prevent glass shards from becoming lethal projectiles
  • Lessen your operation down time
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How To Review WF Glazing Protection on Google Maps

We have had lots of requests recently asking for information about our Google Maps listing. We greatly value all of the feedback that we receive from our customers and below is an easy step by step guide detailing how to add a review.

Firstly, it is crucial that you are signed in with your Google account if you wish to write a review. If you need to create a new account, simply click here, click on the ‘Create An Account’ option at the bottom of the page and then fill in the details as requested. The account is free to create and use and you will not be obliged to use it again in the future once you have left your review.

The screenshots below show exactly what you should expect to see when trying to leave a review on our Google Maps listing.

Step 1

Step 2

Once you’re signed in to your Google account, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.
  2. Search for a ‘WF Glazing Protection’
  3. Click ‘Write a Review’.
  4. In the window that appears, click the stars to score the place. If you want, you can also write a review.

Please Note – You can sign in, return and amend your review at any time.

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The Window Film For All Seasons

It’s all too easy to assume that window film is only suited to either the summer or winter, depending on your chosen film

However, whilst there can be no doubting the beneficial effects of certain window films during the hot summer months, the insulating qualities of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film, the film that ‘does it all’ are also without question.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film is an advanced Low-E. or “Low Emissivity” window film which is available at just a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows.

Offering the ideal solution for anyone looking to keep the warmth inside during the winter and the cool conditioned air in during the summer — keeping the weather out where it belongs – all season, every season. It helps reduce cold/hot spots, improving overall comfort throughout your space.

Virtually Invisible Insulation!


Virtually invisible insulation. Enhance comfort and efficiency year round. This unique Low-Ewindow film helps retain warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer by increasing your windows’ insulation value. A single-pane performs close to a double-pane, a double-pane performs close to a triple-pane.

By combining a Low-E coating with solar control properties at high visible light transmissions, 3M has developed an innovative window-insulating film technology that goes beyond the capabilities of standard solar films:

  • Helps keep you warm during cold winter months.
  • Good heat rejection provides additional comfort and energy savings in the summer months.
  • The film offers high visible light transmission with a neutral appearance to help maintain a home’s existing appearance.
  • Significantly blocks the number of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of furnishings.
  • Includes a comprehensive warranty from 3M.

Smart Sustainable Option


On warm days solar heat is rejected requiring less cooling and saving energy. During winter, heat is reflected back into the room requiring less heating and saving energy.

Summer Benefits

On warm days solar heat is rejected, requiring less cooling to maintain a comfortable environment and save energy.

Winter Benefits

During winter, heat is reflected back into the room, requiring less heating to maintain a comfortable environment and save energy.


Outperforming Other Solar Control Film


Virtually invisible, the look of your window barely changes, inside or out. Yet it still helps protect furniture, floors, upholstery and artwork from UV rays that cause fading. Easier and more affordable than replacing your windows, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film is an efficient, cost-effective way to meet your window insulation needs.

CONSUMER WARRANTY: Selecting 3M Window Films gives you peace of mind. That’s because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get; backed by a company you know and trust. 3M Window Films come with a limited lifetime warranty when professionally installed on your home.

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How To Increase Comfort Levels In Your Home

The ability to live comfortably in every room of your home shouldn’t be too much to ask and thanks to the range of 3M™ Window Films available from WF Glazing Protection Ltd, this is now possible.

Whether your issues relate to excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, we have a window film to help you enhance the comfort of your home.

Choosing The Right Dealer

When you contact WF Glazing Protection Ltd, a 3M™ Authorised Dealer, you can be certain that you will deal with a company that will work quickly to gain a full understanding of your needs, schedule an onsite consultation, recommend a product or products, take measurements and discuss installation logistics.

Insulation For Your Windows

For decades, insulation has been used in the walls and ceilings of our homes to control the flow of heat between inside and out. 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film works much in the same way. It improves the insulation value of a typical single pane window to that of a double pane window and a double pane window to a triple pane window. This helps keep the warmth in during the winter and the heat out in the summer.

Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Property

3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film is a low emissivity or “low-e” window film which improves the insulation value of a typical single pane window close to that of a double pane window and the insulation value of a typical double pane window close to a triple pane window.

This film will make your windows more efficient and save you money on energy costs at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows.

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Loughborough College – Installation of Dark Dual Reflective Anti-Glare Window Film

The B Block at Loughborough College required an up to date sun control solution.  The existing film had been on for many years and was no longer effective.  The blinds were also getting ready for replacement.

Our Dark Dual Reflective window film was chosen to provide over 90% glare reduction in the classrooms and offices to create far more comfortable, productive learning environments for pupils and staff alike.

At the same time, the external mirror finish of the film gave a dramatic, modern aesthetic to the building.

If you would like to speak to one of our team to see how we can provide an effective sun control solution for your property, please click on the link below:

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