Saving energy is great for the environment, for your health, and for your pocketbook. Some simple measures can make a noticeable difference, and applying insulation films to your windows is one of those steps. Window film protection will cut your heating and cooling bill, provide a more comfortable living and working environment, and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Lower Energy Costs

Whether you install window film protection in your house, flat, or shop, you’ll anti_glare_window_film_at_biocity_nottingham_phphsvtcj_bigsave money each month on the energy bill. It will help to prevent heat escape during the cold winter months, which often requires turning up the heater. Adding one of our energy saving window films will allow you to the heating system on a lower setting and still keep the indoors comfortably warm. A window film will also help to reduce cooling costs during the summer.

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Better Indoor Comfort

Window films will also provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays glaring through your windows during the summer, lowering the risks of sun damage toTired of Feeling The Heat? occupants. They’ll provide a more comfortable working environment in your office or shop by cutting glare on computer and mobile screens, thus reducing the chances of eyestrain, fatigue, or headaches. Our 3M Prestige Series consists of window films that will cut the sun’s glare without sacrificing a comfortable level of lighting. In the past, most window films were only available in dark tints that often dimmed offices, shops, and homes too much. The Prestige Series includes different degrees of visible light transmission, while each still provides 99.9 percent protection from UV rays.

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Better for the Environment

Applying a Solar Guard EcoLux window film will reduce indoor solar glare by at least 30 percent, and it will remove the risk of UV damage by nearly 100 percent. These window protectors have also been tested to cut down on up to 100 times more carbon emissions. This line of window guards can be fitted to residential homes, flats, retail front windows, and large scale office windows. When you schedule a consult with WR Glazing, we’ll provide you a detailed analysis of your projected energy savings by installing the Solar Guard EcoLux films on each of your windows.

More details are on our Solar Guard EcoLux page:

Saving energy will save you money and save carbon emissions from being released into the environment. It will also prevent wasted use of heating and cooling systems by allowing you to lower the settings. The escape of heated or cooled air is one of the most common causes of unnecessarily high energy bills each month. WF Glazing Protection provides window films that will save energy in all these capacities, and each is available at a cost-effective price. Many clients report that compared to the savings on their monthly energy bills, their sets of window films quickly pay for themselves within a relatively short time frame.