Effective Sun Control For The Summer

3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Silver Series reduces glare and provides good sun control, protecting buildings from heat gain. Our films offer insulative properties to help reduce heat loss. Protect homes and offices from heat gain with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Silver Series. 3M's metallised window film rejects heat and excess light to reduce glare while maintaining optical clarity. The reflective film construction gives buildings a fresh and modern appearance and, depending on lighting conditions, increases privacy. Heat gain is significantly reduced creating a comfortable environment, especially in warmer months, as well as helping to reduce energy costs by decreasing the use of air conditioners. A significant amount of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays are blocked reducing fading in fabrics and furnishings. For external use only. Reduces heat gain with metallised technology Keeps occupants cool and comfortable Reduces heating and cooling costs Helps to reduce glare Changes building’s appearance to a reflective, modern look Extends the life and vibrancy in furniture, fittings and fabrics A Sound Investment The installation of solar control window film is something that should be viewed as an investment as opposed to an expense due to the wide-ranging benefits that it offers. Along with helping to increase the energy efficiency of the building in which it is installed by blocking summer solar gain and retaining winter heat, our window film will filter the sun’s UV rays, reducing the fading of office furniture, carpets and curtains.  The office environment will also be a far more comfortable place by reducing eye strain caused by glare and eliminating temperature imbalances. Our window films can reduce solar heat gain by up to 82% creating a far [...]

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It’s National Home Security Month

Did you know burglaries increase by 25% in Autumn and Winter months? With the pressures of day-to-day life, home security is often overlooked. That’s why National Home Security Month (NHSM) is here to raise awareness around the importance of home security so you can be safe in the knowledge that your home, family and belongings are protected. National Home Security Month (NHSM) National Home Security Month started 5 years because during Autumn and Winter there is an increase in crime! Your home should be a place you take pride in and spend time with your loved ones. However, much like a castle needs to have defences in place from attacks, you need to make sure you protect your sanctuary from the threat of burglars. This excellent campaign has been designed to highlight the importance of effective home security whilst promoting the fact that it does not have to be complex or expensive to install. ATTENTION: For Those Who Want To Be Secure This Winter... Feel safer and avoid being a victim of the winter crime spike. WHAT'S INSIDE: Step-By-Step Checklist On How To Ensure Your Home Is Safe And Secure This Winter YES! Let's check my security Receive 4 Bonus Security Guides Request your free security checklist today and you will also receive 4 additional home security guides throughout October. Please Note: Your details are kept securely, we do not pass your details on and we will only sent relevant emails. Click below to get your checklist Find Out How To Make Your Home Your Castle Supporting National Home Security Month The team at WF Glazing Protection take the security aspect of our work particularly seriously and as such offer a range of [...]

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Window Film – The Investment That Keeps On Giving

Do you find your business productivity starts to take a nose dive during periods when temperature takes a dramatic turn? When it comes to the work place, if your staff can’t stand the heat or the cold… productivity will suffer and because of the direct effect this will have on your income earning capacity, this is something that must be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity. Forward Thinking Business Owners There is an obligation for business owners to ensure that office temperatures do not become too cold during the winter.  Workrooms should normally be at least: 16°C, or 13°C if much of the work is physical.  Visit the Health & Safety Executive for further information - http://www.hse.gov.uk/contact/faqs/temperature.htm  There is no such obligation in place for to help regulate office temperatures during the summer. However, there can be little doubt that forward thinking business owners need to recognise the negative impact that serious fluctuations in temperature can have on productivity. Fascinating Insight A study by the renowned Cornell University in the UK provided some very interesting results – “When the office temperature in a month-long study increased from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, typing errors fell by 44 percent and typing output jumped 150 percent.” "At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, workers who were keyboarding 100 percent of the time with a 10 percent error rate, but at 68 degrees, their keying rate went down to 54 percent of the time with a 25 percent error rate,"  “Temperature is certainly a key variable that can impact performance." For further information on this study please click on the following link - http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2004/10/warm-offices-linked-fewer-typing-errors-higher-productivity  Creating the Optimum Conditions It stands to reason that the majority of office based employees will [...]

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Window Film – 5 Reasons Why ALL Homeowners Must Have This Installed

Absolutely ideal for a variety of different uses, the installation of different varieties of window film can be used to improve privacy levels, reduce glare and even offer solar control properties. Best of all, this can all be done without sacrificing light levels or changing the aesthetics of your house too dramatically. 5 Amazing Reasons to Turn To Window Film If you are still a little unsure, please check out the following 5 reasons that we believe everyone should have window film installed into their home. No. 1 – It Offers The Perfect Alternative To Curtains & Blinds Whilst the installation of curtains or blinds are still the ‘old school’ choice for many, they can result in the increased need for cleaning within your home along with making the room seem a little smaller. However, the installation of window film can help to make a huge difference to your chosen rooms often resulting in them feeling both bigger and brighter. No. 2 – You Don't Have To Sacrifice Light For Privacy Home privacy can be an issue for many people, especially during the dark winter nights where it can be all too easy for neighbours and passers-by to see into your home when the lights are on. Thankfully the application of specialist privacy window film can significantly reduce the ability of people to see into your property whilst not reducing the amount of light being let into your home. No. 3 – We Can Create Something Just for You! Are you a little tired of the way the exterior of your property looks? Although most window film is completely transparent, there is a great range of window film which is available in different colours [...]

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Window Film For Businesses – 5 Reasons Why You Must Have This Installed

Do solar (& sun) related issues cause problems for your business? If they do, you are far from being alone. However, the good news is that a low cost and highly effective solution is available in the form of solar control window film In this article we will outline 5 of the major benefits offered to business owners who choose to have window film installed. No. 1 - They Help To Save Money! One of the biggest benefits of window films is that they result in higher savings due to lower energy costs. These can work to reduce the heat loss through the windows. They work on improving the glass insulating performance. Moreover, solar control window films work in both the hotter and colder climates. In both climates, they can help in saving a lot through lower energy costs. No. 2 - They Offer a Low Cost Way To Enhance The Appearance of Your Property Window films can help in improving the overall appearance of your business as well. This can benefit your business directly because they work to improve the overall health and looks of your business. They are great for improving how you feel about your business in general and attract more clients, which will indefinitely lead to a better and well-established client base. No. 3 - Take Security To New Levels! The installation of window films can lead to improved safety and security. They help in enhancing control and lessening the overall dangers and damage that are caused by a broken glass. Therefore, they are good for maintaining your businesses’ overall safety and security. No. 4 - Effective Protection From UV Rays The installation of solar control window films can play a key [...]

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