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Reduce Fading with the Installation of Window Film

For the majority of people, seeing sunlight streaming through a window during the day is something that will always be viewed in a positive light. However, for some businesses, unfiltered sunlight can actually be something costly and damaging which needs to be avoided wherever possible. Fading caused by the sun can be an expensive problem for a huge variety of businesses. With UV rays, heat and light from the sun all contributing towards fading, stock, furniture and fabric can all fall victim to the damaging effects of unfiltered sunlight. Sun Damage Can Be a Costly, Yet Avoidable Expense Despite the effects of sun damage being common, they can be quite easily avoided in a method that is far cheaper than replacing the damaged stock! The installation of specialist sun control window film will allow you to: Maximise your window display without the fear of the sun Save yourself the time and hassle of constantly changing the display Our protective films significantly reduce fading by rejecting up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays and 97% of infra-red heat. Films that reject less than 99% of UV will not offer adequate levels of protection!!! There are a number of different types of window film available to help protect your stock against the threat of sun damage, with nearly all sharing one common trait, the fact that they are virtually clear. Allaying Common Concerns One of the primary concerns we hear from many of our customers relates to the fact that they are worried about altering the exterior look of their property or restricting the light that can come through the window, however there is no need to worry about these concerns when dealing with WF Glazing Protection. Our range [...]

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Winter Is Coming – Keep The Cold Outside With Solar Control Window Film

Make no mistake about it, as Ned Stark would say (despite the fact it may be difficult to tell with the current temperatures!) winter is coming…… Keeping warm but cutting energy costs is not just for penny-pinchers, it's for anyone who wants to enter the New Year a step ahead rather than facing spiraling energy costs.   Did You Know? Anywhere from 35% - 40% of the energy you use to keep your home environment nice and warm during the winter is lost through the windows. The issue is complicated when considering the alternative; installing double pane glass windows in an attempt to control this heat loss can be costly in itself.  So either way you are looking at a major cost for warmth. The good news is that we can provide a solution... Introducing Solar Control Window Film and The Benefits it Can Offer! Many modern property and home owners have recently become aware of the many benefits that this remarkable budget-friendly innovation can have on their home investment. Not only by slashing the costs of their energy bills but doing so at a considerably lower price than other alternatives. Following are some of the most prominent advantages of solar control window film, in terms of energy saving solutions: An Easy Installation - This solar control film is a thin sheet of material that will be applied right onto your windows. Installation is a quick and easy affair, your home will be finished in a day or two at the most and energy savings commence immediately. Highly Efficient Energy Saving Solution - The paper thin material that will be retrofitted to the windows of the building will benefit your home in a similar [...]

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The Top 4 Benefits to Businesses Offered by Solar Control Window Film

Manage energy costs & improve occupant comfort with 3M Solar Window Film. 3M Solar Window Film can reduce solar heat gain and help to create a balanced environment in buildings, especially in the summer months, when the films can help to reduce the workload of cooling systems and save energy costs. Energy Conservation 3M Solar Window Films can help you to reduce your energy costs. These costs typically represent 30% of a building's annual budget. Rising energy bills and the introduction of carbon reduction targets, have focused building owners on finding ways to reduce their bills. Within commercial and public buildings, energy costs are often driven by high HVAC costs, as it costs 3 to 4 times more to cool a building by 1 degree Celsius than to heat it.* The installation of solar control window films can be highly beneficial to almost any business. These control window films are one of the most viable and cost effective strategy of making the offices and other premises cooler. How Do Solar Control Films Work? The films achieves the cooling power by reducing excess heat penetration to the buildings, which saves on the energy costs associated with air conditioning resulting into higher returns on investments. Benefit No. 1 – Protection From UV Rays During the hot sunny days, businesses are able to protect their employees and other perishable product within their premises using the solar control window films. The ordinary solar control films filters at least 95% of the solar infrared heat and rays, which may have a damaging effect on people and products within the buildings. At WF Glazing Protection, we add value to our control films to ensure they are able to filter the [...]

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Combating Solar Glare – The Window Film Way

Throughout all times of the year, we may find our lives being impacted in one way or another by the sun’s glare. Whilst the worst some people experience may be a difficultly in watching their TV at particular times of the day, others may be faced with a more costly problem. Businesses may find that their productivity takes a dip due to an inability of their staff to view computer screens and equipment. Serious potential consequences The potential consequences of solar glare can even have tragic consequences such as those highlighted in the article below. Combating solar glare The good news is that an affordable solution exists which has been designed to combat the effects of low lying sun. This is evidenced in a project that we completed at Walton High in Milton Keynes. What was the issue? Walton High has a number of high level windows in the I.T. classrooms. This was causing glare and reflection on the computer screens making their use uncomfortable for students. As a result, plain paper was being taped on to the windows by teachers as a temporary fix, which made them unsightly.  Blinds were not a solution because of the controls needed to open and close at high level and cleaning would have been difficult as well. Providing an effective solution We made an informed recommendation of the installation of Titan05 dual reflective window film which would help to reduce up to 92% of the sun's glare and then took the necessary steps to ensure that the installation ran smoothly with no disruptions whilst being carried out to a high professional standard at all times. How effective were the results? The film has been very effective [...]

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Solar Control Window Film – 4 Business Benefits Which Cannot Be Ignored

In the article below we have outlined 4 benefits offered to business through the installation of solar control window film from WF Glazing Protection: Benefit No. 1 - Effective UV Protection Solar control window films are extremely effective at blocking a significant amount of UV light. Our protective films significantly reduce fading by rejecting up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays and 97% of infra-red heat. Please Note - UV rays are widely accepted to dangerous for your health as they can cause skin cancer. Benefit No. 2 - Reduction in Solar Heat Gain Our window films can reduce solar heat gain by up to 82% creating a far more comfortable and productive working environment for your employees. With a wide range available, we can work with all window types to create a solution to meet your individual requirement. Benefit No. 3 - Reduce Bills Through Lower Energy Usage One of the biggest benefits of solar control window films is that can help to reduce energy costs throughout all times of the year. Keeping temperatures up during the winter and down during the summer, both heating and cooling bills can be reduced as a result. Benefit No. 4 - Effective Glare Reduction Our films can reduce solar glare and reflection by up to 92% creating more comfortable, productive working environments for you and your staff. This ensures that you will not have to close yourself away from the world by having blinds or curtains drawn throughout the day. Please Note - Increased comfort can be reflected in increased productivity. YES! I Want To Control The Effects Of The Sun In My Property Today! In Conclusion Solar control window films can offer a wide [...]

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5 Ways Solar Control Window Film Can Benefit Your Business

Solar control window films are widely available and are an incredible choice for home and business use. The solar control window films are used to reflect the solar energy while it absorbs other parts of the solar energy emitted by the sun. Solar, as the name suggests, is great for business use and it can help them save a lot of money, time and energy. The top 5 reasons why solar control window film is great for your business are: Higher Savings Due To Lower Energy Costs One of the biggest benefits of solar control window films is that they result in higher savings due to lower energy costs. These can work to reduce the heat loss through the windows. They work on improving the glass insulating performance. Moreover, solar control window films work in both the hotter and colder climates. In both climates, they can help in saving a lot through lower energy costs. Enhanced Property Appearance Solar control window films can help in improving the overall appearance of your business as well. This can benefit your business directly because they work to improve the overall health and looks of your business. They are great for improving how you feel about your business in general and attract more clients, which will indefinitely lead to a better and well-established client base. Improved Safety and Security Solar control window films lead to improved safety and security. They help in enhancing control and lessening the overall dangers and damage that are caused by a broken glass. Therefore, they are good for maintaining your businesses’ overall safety and security. UV Protection On the other hand, solar control window films also help in providing important UV protection. They help [...]

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Tired of Feeling The Heat?

Whilst being concerned with excess heat may seem a million miles away if the currently mediocre weather continues, the truth is that for many people, when the summer arrives, areas within their property such as conservatories can become almost no-go areas due to the heat. Commercial & Residential Benefits Whilst window film has been used for many years in the commercial world to provide a more comfortable working environment, advances in technology now ensure that you can enjoy precisely the same benefits for your home – with the same high level of service, too. Perhaps you’ve had conservatory blinds fitted, or maybe you’re considering it. It’s one option. Blinds are not necessarily the answer though. Cleaning off dust and flies can be a hassle, plus blinds can block your view and cut out light. And, of course, when they’re pulled up, the sun still fades your furnishings. New from the 3M Company - Prestige Series Window Films - The first ever clear solar control film to offer a 15 year warranty. Some of the additional benefits offered by the installation of specialist 3M Solar Control window film include but are not limited to: The ultimate in high technology, offering clear film technology with outstanding heat rejection to create the perfect film for your home Designed not to change the appearance of your home Clear to lightly tinted, allows up to 70% of the visible light through your windows Rejects up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows Reflectivity that's actually lower than glass For more information about the benefits offered by 3M's solar control range of window films, please click here.   High Quality Installation Services WF Glazing Protection offer a high quality [...]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Control Window Film

Windows in our properties play a very important role in our lives. Their ability to let in light and offer beautiful views ensure that life would be very difficult if we lived in homes without them. However, despite all the positivity associated with sunlight entering our homes, there are also a number of negative aspects inextricably linked to sunlight, including the creation of hot spots and severe fading of your furnishings. There can also be little doubt that windows are nearly always the most vulnerable part of our homes. During storms, or in the unfortunate event of a break in, windows are often the primary point of damage. Providing Protection Specially created solar window films are becoming increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial properties due to their ability to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and they can add a valuable layer of protection to your home. Perhaps best of all, these benefits are available without needing to change the look of your property. Elegant & Practical Solution Window films provide an elegant, yet practical means for solving many of the most challenging aspects of managing sun control and security issues surrounding the use of your home, car or business. Reduce Impact of Hotspots Many property owners feel the impact of hot spots when the summer begins to take hold. Whilst conservatories are particularly prone to become hot spots, the truth is that any part of your property which has windows facing the sun for a large part of the day has the ability to become a hot spot. Limit UV Damage Solar window films offer the ability to reduce up to 99.99 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays whilst rejecting up to 85  percent [...]

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What Actually Is Solar Control Window Film?

Due to the fact that the heat from the sun generally builds throughout the day, rooms can often become uncomfortable at best, and at worse unusable. By applying solar control window film to your glass, property owners can exert a high degree of control over the amount of heat which builds up to create a more acceptable and productive temperature. Creating Temperature Stability Solar control window films have actually been in existence for decades and have been specifically designed to reflect heat from the sun. By providing greater temperature stability and comfort whilst, reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare, they are proven to be particularly effective during the summer months, when their properties can help to reduce the workload of cooling systems and save energy costs. How Do They Work? Applied to a window through the use of an optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive, solar control window film will restrict 99% of damaging UV rays from passing through the window whilst not reducing the transparency of the glass.  The various metallic, carbon or ceramic coatings will reject various levels of solar energy depending upon specification. Solar control window film will also help to reduce glare from the sun. This can be an issue all year round, and can be a particular problem for people watching television or working at a computer. The application of specialist window film can help to reduce glare by up to 81%. Where Are They Used? Solar control window film is widely used in the commercial and public sector built environment and is proven to be highly effective at reducing energy bills. Typically representing 30% of a building's annual budget, energy bills can be reduced due to the ability of window film [...]

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