National Home Security Month

Did you know burglaries increase by 25% in Autumn and Winter months? National Home Security Month (NHSM) National Home Security Month started 5 years because during Autumn and Winter there is an increase in crime! National Home Security Month (NHSM) is here to raise awareness around the importance of home security so you can be safe in the knowledge that your home, family and belongings are protected. They have produced a range of resources that will enable you to increase your home and business security. #1 Free Resource Securing your home is child’s play guide – Inside this guide you will find: Ensuring your home and windows are secure – How do you know a good lock from a bad lock? What is Smart Security? What you need to know about lighting and CCTV Tips for staying secure during Halloween Get Your Guide Here Supporting National Home Security Month The team at WF Glazing Protection take the security aspect of our work particularly seriously and as such offer a range of products designed to help increase the security of your property. Our invisible security films will help you to protect your flat screen TVs, laptops and expensive possessions. By increasing the impact resistance of your windows and then holding the broken glass together, the film can help to delay and deter smash & grab crime. Our films are certified to BS EN12600 and EN356 European Impact Standard. Combined with the use of privacy films, protect against opportunistic criminals!!! How Can WF Protection Help? We offer two essential window film products that can increase your Home and Business security: Security Film Privacy Film With the pressures of day-to-day life, home security is often overlooked. [...]

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Increase Home Privacy Through The Installation of Window Film

Whether to protect valuable assets within your property or maybe just to guard your personal modesty, glass tinting offers the modern day cost effective solution against prying eyes. With stories hitting the press on a seemingly daily basis regarding home burglaries and stolen goods, it is little wonder that people are now looking for effective methods of protection for their flat screen TVs, computers and expensive possessions against the threat of theft. With our wide range of Privacy and Decorative Films, we can supply you with a bespoke privacy solution for peace of mind or for your personal modesty. Pros & Cons Whilst windows are certainly a valuable source of light, they are often the weak point of a property which can lead to hot spots, damage to furnishings and a relatively easy entry point for burglars. Large windows can also make privacy quite difficult as well, however, help is now at hand in the form of the range of privacy and safety window films which are available from the team at WF Glazing Protection. With a full range of specialist privacy window film available directly from us, we offer the ideal method of increasing the privacy levels of your property at a price which will not break the bank. Best of all, our available range can all be self-installed ensuring that costs can be kept even lower! Offering benefits including: 24 hour privacy of valuable assets, Increased personal modesty Hiding unattractive parts of a building + much more The installation of privacy window film can help to transform your property into something altogether more secure. I'm Ready To Enhance Security With "Privacy Film" Today Are you worried that ‘would-be-criminals’ can see your family, pets [...]

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Adding a Cost Effective Layer of Security To Your Home This Winter

There can be no doubt that glazing of any type can be a potential weakness when it comes to the security of a property. Our range of security film can be installed both inside and outside of almost any building and offers the perfect complement to other window films which offer effective protection against glare, fading and privacy issues amongst others. Invisible Security Thankfully, the days of unattractive ‘window grilles’ are now long behind us by applying specialist security window film can help to provide an almost invisible level of security along with all important peace of mind. Not only can the application of window film help you to sleep easier at night, for business owners it can also help you to comply with existing legislation Are You Complying With Regulation? In 1992, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulation 14 came into force, requiring that “every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall, partition, door or gate should, where necessary for reasons of health or safety, be of a safety material or be protected against breakage; and be appropriately marked or incorporate features to make it apparent.” This regulation applies to a wide range of workplaces including offices, shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and places of entertainment. Offering a Range of Finishes The range of specialist security window film available from WF Glazing Protection can be quickly and easily applied to existing glazing, removing the need for the installation of expensive new windows or other forms of security that will negatively impact the exterior of your building. Enhanced Security Available in a variety of different thicknesses, uur security window films can delay and deter opportunistic thieves by increasing the impact resistance of your windows. [...]

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Take Your Shop Security To Another Level

How secure is your property? As the nights begin to draw in, security worries begin to increase for many people and in particular for shop owners, whose premises become more vulnerable during the long winter nights. Taking Preventative Measures A break in can prove to be a severe blow to any business and has the potential to put a significant strain on operations and profit. It is therefore crucial to take preventative action by installing effective security equipment. By offering a highly effective measure of security along with improved peace of mind, WF Glazing Protection provide a highly effective range of security grilles complimenting our security films to create the perfect way of defending your windows whether at home or at work. The great physical deterrent and barrier offered by the installation of security grills for your windows/doors makes it easy to see why their popularity has never been greater. Possessing great strength and durability, their presence when closed offers a highly effective deterrent against any potential criminal activity against your property. Offering a Robust Method of Defence Modern security grilles offer a robust method of defence. Comprising anti-cut steel bars and mesh, they are enough to deter many attempts at a crime as the construction and strength of modern day security grilles are often comfortably enough to delay and beat most criminals, who are more concerned with sneaking around and looking for hassle-free chances to steal and vandalise. Even the small windows can benefit from the installation of a security grille and are therefore ideal to stop the entry of more sophisticated criminals who target valuables, keys, phones, computers, laptops and so forth, which can often be vulnerable. Quality Business Security Created to help keep intruders [...]

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