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The Modern Alternative To Blinds

When it comes to your home, you have every reason to expect it to be safe and private. A place where you can get away from the stresses of life, relax and be comfortable. You deserve to feel secure in your home, free from the wandering eyes of passers by, neighbours who happen to be driving or passing by or maybe even just from people who are potentially up to no good. The Modern Alternative To Blinds Privacy window film is the effective modern alternative to curtains and blinds. If you are looking to increase the privacy around your home without sacrificing natural light, privacy window film may offer the perfect option. Below we have outlined 3 of the most common reasons people choose to have privacy window film installed to their property Increased Privacy – The application of just a thin low cost layer of window privacy film significantly increases the levels of privacy without sacrificing light. This is a substantial difference when compared to blinds and curtains. Improved Appearance – Privacy window film also offers the ability to add a decorative element to your home whilst still limiting the ability of people to see in. Increased Productivity – The installation of privacy window film is not just limited to residential properties. Some businesses find that their location can be an issue from time to time. If you own an office that sits on a busy street, the application of privacy film could offer the perfect antidote that the unsettling feeling that your staff may be on display. Whether to protect valuable assets or personal modesty, glass tinting is a cost effective solution against prying eyes. We offer a range incorporating 4 options for our customers looking to install [...]

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3 Great Ways Privacy Window Film Can Benefit Facilities Managers

If you are a facilities manager in charge of an office or business area, there is every chance that increasing the levels of privacy for your staff/employees will be high on your list of priorities. Workers often feel that is they lack the required privacy with their work environment they will become constantly distracted, occasionally stressed and ultimately become unproductive. However the good news is that through some careful planning and the application of specialist privacy window film from WF Glazing Protection, privacy levels can be dramatically increased. Below we have outlined 3 great benefits offered by the installation of privacy window film. Benefit No. 1 – Increased Safety Not only will the application of privacy (or reflective/mirrored) window film enhance the levels of privacy at your property, it can also reduce the risk of unlawful behaviour such as break-ins and vandalism Not only can theft be financially devastating, the loss of important tools, information etc can cause havoc with your ability to run your business smoothly. Top Tip – The installation of privacy window film will ensure it is far more difficult for prying eyes to see into your building. Benefit No. 2 – Cost Effective Solution Regardless of how effective a particular solution may be, costs always have to be factored into the equation. Whilst there are certain types of glass which can produce similar results, there can be no doubt that replacing your windows will be extremely expensive. The good news is that privacy window film offers the most cost effective solution currently available. Perhaps just as importantly is the fact that it can be installed with the very minimum of disruption, unlike replacing glass. Benefit No. 3 – Retaining Light and [...]

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4 Ways Privacy Window Film Can Improve Your Property

Understandably, many people may be worried about privacy where glass doors and windows are concerned. As modern and beautiful as they look, some may perceive having expansive glass doors and windows in their property as a little intrusive, with those on the outside being able to look in. With the addition of a privacy window film, however, not having enough privacy becomes a non-issue. Business and residential property owners alike can add a privacy window film to their glass windows and doors, and begin enjoying the following benefits of having glass doors and windows: 1. Increased energy efficiency Glass windows and doors use the latest in available design and construction engineering technology. As such, they are likely to be highly energy efficiency. Still, the addition of an insulating privacy window film to save energy is even better. In this regard, adding energy-efficient privacy window film to the glass windows and doors in your property is an investment likely to continue paying for itself for years to come. 2. A modern and inviting design Glass windows and doors are a great design feature to add to any property - residential and business alike. They can significantly open up any space, bringing in natural light and create an inviting indoor-outdoor feel. Adding a one-way mirror tint can further add to the modern look, while opaque or frosted designs can add an extra design element as well as increased privacy. These seemingly small change in design element adds monetary value to a property as it is modern and in line with the latest property design features. 3. Exciting advertising and more attractive business property design One of the great features of a privacy window film is the diversity [...]

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