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A Christmas Story!

Could you imagine having an allergy to the sun? Having to sit in the house with the curtains closed all day. No, neither could we, that’s why we jumped at the chance to change Peter’s life forever this Christmas. While many people can be impacted by the sun’s glare or other solar related issues, we were recently involved in something just a little different when we helped to provide an effective solution for a gentleman whose life has been majorly impacted by a severe sun allergy. The Background Story "Peter has a sun allergy and has to have his curtains closed at all times. BBC Nottingham heard about it and, as Peter is an NCH tenant, got in touch with us to see if we could help. A member of our staff put us in touch with their mate Dave, who fits UV protection film on windows and who, when he heard about Peter's situation, offered to do the work for nothing, because he's a lovely man, and it's Christmas. And today, the UV film was fitted! Here's Peter, with Dave (in the Santa hat, which seems appropriate!) and Brian from WF Glazing Protection Ltd in the kitchen, with the curtains open for the first time in four years! And BBC Radio Nottingham were there to get Peter's thoughts" - (The feature begins at 2:06:40) Sam Whitworth of Nottingham City Homes commented “Dave, you’re our Santa-hatted hero. Thank you so much.” How Did We Do It? We met with Peter at his home and gave him a sample of DermaGard Clear UV window film to take to his consultant who approved it for his condition. While avoiding Ultra Violet exposure is obviously very difficult, with DermaGard installed, [...]

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Mr & Mrs Brown, Holbrook, Derby.

“Not long after moving into our new house and deciding to use the conservatory as a playroom for our two year old daughter we discovered the need to protect her from harmful UV rays. We had also purchased a new leather sofa that we knew would be susceptible to sun damage. After much research we decided on the window film approach. Dave came to visit us and explain how the different films work and the benefits that each gave. After the visit we decided straight away to use WF Glazing Protection. We normally get at least three quotations for any work on the house, but because of the way that Dave presented the 3M Night Vision25 for the roof and 3M Prestige70 for the vertical windows along with the feedback he had from previous customers we decided that this was the right company to do business with. The installation was challenging due to the shape of the roof but the team were extremely professional and carried out the work without any issues. They were quick and efficient and left the place spotless. Great Job! We are now looking forward to the summer knowing that our daughter is safe to play and the room will be a much more comfortable temperature.” Click Here To Contact Us To See How We Can Help Improve Your Property

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John & Carolyn, NEWARK, Notts – 3M Prestige70

“The windows at the rear of our property are all south facing and as a consequence we found ourselves drawing the curtains during the day to keep the heat out and stop fading. We were in the process of considering installing air-conditioning when we got a leaflet from WF Glazing Protection advertising window films, through our letterbox. We had thought about window films and dismissed them as not a very good idea due to stories of them peeling off and the silver mirrored effect of the 70’s came to mind. However, the leaflet talked of new technology and advances in manufacturing window film so we decided to contact WF Glazing Protection for advice and a free quotation. We discussed the problems we were experiencing with Dave and decided to have the 3M™ Prestige70 solar control film applied to all of the windows on the rear of our property. Since the film has been applied we have experienced a significant reduction in heat gain so the house is much cooler with no loss of light and no fading. We have been very happy with the installation, level of service and cost of the window film and would recommend it to anyone experiencing problems like ours. It’s also much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than air conditioning." As you can see from the photo you cannot tell there is any film on the windows. Click Here To Contact Us To See How We Can Help Improve Your Property

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Specialist window film saves the modesty of residents…

The Litmus Building, Nottingham The brand new, award winning premises in the heart of Nottingham required a privacy solution to the windows of the tenants’ swimming pool. The architects at Lace Market Properties stipulated that the effect must be graduated to keep the perception of clarity from inside of the pool. Working together to meet their requirements WF Glazing Protection specified and sourced 3M™ Fasara™ Illumina Decorative Window Film. A graduating film from white frost to clear that has an anti-bacterial coating to resist finger marks and a 5 year warranty against peeling. The project was completed on time with minimum disruption on behalf of main contractor Laing O’Rourke. 3M & Fasara are trademarks of the 3M Company Click Here To Contact Us To See How We Can Help Improve Your Property

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Loughborough College – Installation of Dark Dual Reflective Anti-Glare Window Film

The B Block at Loughborough College required an up to date sun control solution.  The existing film had been on for many years and was no longer effective.  The blinds were also getting ready for replacement. Our Dark Dual Reflective window film was chosen to provide over 90% glare reduction in the classrooms and offices to create far more comfortable, productive learning environments for pupils and staff alike. At the same time, the external mirror finish of the film gave a dramatic, modern aesthetic to the building. If you would like to speak to one of our team to see how we can provide an effective sun control solution for your property, please click on the link below: Click Here To Contact Us Currently Browsing: Loughborough College - Installation of Dark Dual Reflective Anti-Glare Window Film

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Richard, Lincolnshire – 3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control window film – Historic Building

What problems were you looking to solve? I contacted WF Glazing Protection to help solve my problem of heat loss during the winter and solar heat gain during the summer. The 2 big challenges I was having with our home. How well did WF Glazing Protection solve these problems for you? WF Glazing Protection fitted the 3M Thinsulate climate control window film in December 2017, August 2018 and November 2018. I have seen a massive improvement in reducing the sun. It’s made a significant difference in making rooms more comfortable to use. What held you back from having window film fitted sooner? I had previously held back from getting widow film fitted sooner because the films available were visible from inside and out changing the look of the glass. It was important to maintain visibility and a natural appearance on our home.  3M Thinsulate CC75 is a virtually clear solution. What did you like most about the service offered from WF Glazing Protection?  The whole team at WF Glazing Protection are amazing. When Dave visited to do the assessment, he was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  This was matched by John who did a brilliant job with the installations taking great care on our old windows. What was your main concern that would have prevented you from buying this, and what put your fears to rest? Before I went ahead with purchasing 3M Thinsulate climate control window film I was not confident in the product and was concerned with the way it would look. Dave did an excellent job of explaining the benefits that window film can offer, which put all my fears to rest. If you were to recommend 3M Thinsulate Climate Control window [...]

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Case Study – Winstanley College

Wherever possible, we always try to provide evidence and insight regarding the effectiveness of our products and the circumstances they were requested. The Backstory We were referred to the school as a company who would be able to solve their problem.  Following a survey we identified that the glazing configuration had a laminated safety glass inner pane.  Therefore, an external solar film installation was recommended to avoid any thermal fracture risk on the inner panes.   The school requested that the film needed to have the same smoked appearance as the glass to keep the modern aesthetic. Providing Effective Glare Reduction Madico CH08 XSR was specified to provide 91% glare reduction.  The installation to 82sqm of glazing from 5.2m mobile access towers was carried out by our certified installers during the October half-term holiday to help the school minimise disruption and as to not cause a health and safety issue. As you can see from the photo of the hall floor, there is a lot of glare from the low level windows shining on the left but it is greatly reduced on the right side from the high level treated windows. If you would like to speak to the WF Glazing Protection team about how we may be able to provide an effective solution for your glare issues, please contact us today on Tel. No. 0345 337 4751 Currently Browsing: Case Study - Winstanley College

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Helping SMEs to cut their carbon footprints

Investors in the Environment is a nationwide scheme that gives accreditation to businesses who have been able to reduce their carbon footprints. The scheme supports companies to achieve this goal by offering advice, promotion and networking. Its initial success when launched by Peterborough Environment City Trust has led to a number of franchises opening across the country and to the scheme being opened to SMEs nationwide. Reducing Carbon Footprints As an example of the kind of work that is undertaken within the Investors in the Environment scheme, WF Glazing Protection Ltd recently undertook some work with the Nottingham Energy Partnership to focus on their environmental impact. Nottingham Energy Partnership undertakes iiE accreditations in the counties of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. It works in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and the University of Derby to help clients reduce their carbon footprints. WF Glazing Protection is a company that supplies and installs solar control window films to help businesses cut their energy consumption. As such, they have a strong interest in cutting their own carbon footprint. The iiE program has helped them to focus on areas of their business where there is scope for improvement in their energy usage. Students at Nottingham Trent University then supplied suggestions as to how they could reduce the company's carbon footprint. An In-Depth Study The first area of WF Glazing Protection's business that was investigated related to travel and fuel. The directors of the company use Volkswagen Golf estates with low emission BlueMotion diesel engines. As a result, their carbon emissions relating to travel are already lower than average. The students suggested that if this was to be reduced further, it would be worth researching the shortest, most direct routes when visiting their [...]

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A ‘Triumph’ For Solar Control Window Film!

To help provide a further illustration of our range of products, along with accurate examples of how they may be able to assist with your individual situation, we have included a number of case studies on our website. We recently received a call from Triumph Motorcycles in Hinckley, Leicestershire with a request to resolve an issue that affected their staff during the winter months. What Was The Issue? The main reception at Triumph Motorcycles Head Office in Hinckley, Leicestershire is an impressive angled atrium in black tinted double glazing fitting their iconic name following 110 years of manufacturing in Britain. During winter months though, the low level sun was causing a glare problem for the reception staff even through the already tinted glass. Paul Walklate who is the Indirect Buyer for Triumph said....... ”Our receptionists were experiencing problems with the light of the sunrise during the winter months; they found wearing sun glasses improved conditions but they were conscious of their appearance when greeting visitors so requested we develop a new solution to the problem. We considered many different ways to approach this such as window blinds and sun screens but the angle of the atrium made it difficult to source a simple cost effective solution so the focus turned towards sourcing a window film.” How Did We Arrive At The Solution? After consultation with the client, it was agreed that we would install a variety of samples to provide an accurate indication as to which would provide the ideal solution for the ‘glare’ issue. Successful Trial Following a successful trial, TG8-XSR dark charcoal non-metallic solar control film with 87% glare reduction and a five year external warranty was chosen. The project was successfully installed [...]

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