Investors in the Environment is a nationwide scheme that gives accreditation to businesses who have been able to reduce their carbon footprints. The scheme supports companies to achieve this goal by offering advice, promotion and networking. Its initial success when launched by Peterborough Environment City Trust has led to a number of franchises opening across the country and to the scheme being opened to SMEs nationwide.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

As an example of the kind of work that is undertaken within the Investors in the Environment scheme, WF Glazing Protection Ltd recently undertook some work with the Nottingham Energy Partnership to focus on their Investors in the Enviromentenvironmental impact. Nottingham Energy Partnership undertakes iiE accreditations in the counties of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. It works in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and the University of Derby to help clients reduce their carbon footprints.

WF Glazing Protection is a company that supplies and installs solar control window films to help businesses cut their energy consumption. As such, they have a strong interest in cutting their own carbon footprint. The iiE program has helped them to focus on areas of their business where there is scope for improvement in their energy usage. Students at Nottingham Trent University then supplied suggestions as to how they could reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

An In-Depth Study

The first area of WF Glazing Protection’s business that was investigated related to travel and fuel. The directors of the company use Volkswagen Golf estates with low emission BlueMotion diesel engines. As a result, their carbon emissions relating to travel are already lower than average. The students suggested that if this was to be reduced further, it would be worth researching the shortest, most direct routes when visiting their customers and suppliers and to undertake training in eco-driving skills.  Carbon offsetting was also suggested by the students as an approach to redress the company’s carbon footprint from this and other areas.

Another area related to how WF Glazing Protection’s products were manufactured, packaged and installed. The manufacturing is conducted by major companies such as 3M™ who are already very efficient, having cut their emissions by 57% between 2002 and 2013 and Saint Gobain SolarGard®, who have been awarded the title of Climate Action Leader in their market segment. To improve further, it was recommended that WF Glazing Protection pay particular attention to the environmental impact of companies from which they procure other goods and services.

Dave Faulconbridge, one of WF Glazing Protection’s Directors, praised the contributions made by the students and said that the whole process had been “incredibly interesting and worthwhile”. The company is now working towards becoming carbon neutral and achieving iiE’s Green Award, the highest accreditation that the organisation offers.

Any business that would like help to reduce their impact on the environment is more than welcome to get in touch with iiE and set the process in motion.

Further Information

You can view the case study which the iiE featured on their site via the following link by clicking here.

We are currently working towards achieving the ‘Green Award’, the highest accreditation available, and hope to have further news regarding this in the near future.