Wherever possible, we always try to provide evidence and insight regarding the effectiveness of our products and the circumstances they were requested.

The Backstory

We were referred to the school as a company who would be able to solve their problem.  Following a survey we identified that the glazing configuration had a laminated safety glass inner pane.  Therefore, an external solar film installation was recommended to avoid any thermal fracture risk on the inner panes.   The school requested that the film needed to have the same smoked appearance as the glass to keep the modern aesthetic.

Providing Effective Glare Reduction

Madico CH08 XSR was specified to provide 91% glare reduction.  The installation to 82sqm of glazing from 5.2m mobile access towers was carried out by our certified installers during the October half-term holiday to help the school minimise disruption and as to not cause a health and safety issue.

As you can see from the photo of the hall floor, there is a lot of glare from the low level windows shining on the left but it is greatly reduced on the right side from the high level treated windows.

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