We are delighted to have been awarded the Investors in the Environment Green Award for the third year running for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and for continuous ongoing improvements.

Who Are iiE?

Investors in the Environment (iiE) are a nationwide environmental accreditation scheme which has been designed to help businesses save money and positively impact the environment by improving their energy efficiency and reducing their negative environmental footprint.

They provide all the help, support, promotion and networking needed to make your business greener whilst ensuring that you receive recognition for their green initiatives.

Accreditations Available

The iiE accreditation scheme has been created to help offer proof that a business has implemented an effective environmental management plan with the goal of reducing their environmental impact.

The step-by-step approach within each accreditation level allows businesses to set achievable targets and establish a pathway of continual improvement.

To help recognise and reward businesses for their efforts towards becoming more environmentally friendly, the iiE have created 3 different awards:

  • Green
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The ‘Green Award’ is the highest achievable level within the iiE and we are absolutely delighted to have achieved this standard for the third consecutive year.

As part of our Investors in the Environment accreditation process we have worked with the Woodland Trust to create 250m2 of new native woodland. In time this will absorb at least 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping with our strategy to reduce our business carbon footprint.

Woodland Trust

The Accreditation Process

As part of the accreditation process, the iiE completed an onsite audit whilst requiring us to demonstrate an energy efficiency increase of 2% (minimum) over an agreed baseline.

How Did We Achieve This?

We worked tirelessly towards our green credentials for a number of months with activities ranging from implementing a sustainable procurement policy to eco-driver training and travel planning.  Everything that was implemented led to an overall reduction in carbon emissions of 13.51%.

After significant work, we were delighted when we were informed that we had reached the required level and we now plan to mitigate our remaining carbon footprint for the last financial year.

What Does This Mean?

Becoming a member of Investors in the Environment has provided us with a great framework for making environmental improvements, leading to cost savings, as well as offering a great platform for networking and sharing knowledge.


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