SafeContractor does a wonderful job taking the required steps to ensure that companies associated with them are ideally positioned to offer the best possible service to their customers.

However, is just being recognised as a SafeContractor member enough to ensure the best levels of service or should you choose business who has taken things steps further by becoming accredited?

What Is SafeContractor?

SafeContractor is an independent third party accreditation for high standards of SafeContractor Member or Accreditedhealth and safety.

SafeContractor have taken the time to explain the difference between the available status with them. Please read on to find out more in their own words.



Once you’ve registered and paid, you are an official SafeContractor member, with access to a host of benefits including:

  • Trade discounts
  • Training discounts
  • Free Health & Safety advice
  • Free legal guidance

While the perks make your membership valuable; it’s taking the next step and becoming accredited that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Why does accreditation matter?

Being an accredited SafeContractor means your procedures, policies, training and insurances have been rigorously audited. This takes risk away from your client, making you an attractive contractor.

After all, there’s nothing more valuable to your reputation than verified good practice… especially if the HSE knock on your door!

As well as the kudos of being SafeContractor accredited, your company will appear in our online client database. Clients use the database to search for approved contractors to carry out work on their behalf – being in this database is key to helping you win more work.

For more information relating to the benefits offered to both companies and customers by the SafeContractor scheme, please visit their official site by clicking here.